The Mausoleum is an area in the Mortuary Area. It can only be accessed via a portal (at X=600 Y=1025), to which Norochj in the Gathering Dust Bar provides the key as part of his quest.

The winding halls of the Mausoleum are lined with tombs, tucked in the walls and floors.

Inhabitants Edit

The Mausoleum is ordinarily inhabited by spirits, in particular:

  • its Guardian Spirit, who can either be killed for 1000 XP or grant a quest that ultimately rewards 2000 XP.

Now, it is also home to:

  • Hostile raised skeletons (Skeleton Workers grant 65 XP when killed, Giant Skeletons 175 XP)
  • Strahan Runeshadow, who forced his way into the Mausoleum and started raising the dead.

Map Edit

To view X, Y coordinates in-game, press L.

Click the map to enlarge it.

Mausoleum map

Experience Edit

The experience to be gained in this area comes in two forms: kills and quests. See each individual character page for more detailed information on quests, conversations and combat stats.


Items Edit

There are a few items to be acquired in the Mausoleum:

In the inner Mausoleum, there are additional items on the lectern at (X=460 Y=500):

When killed, Strahan drops:

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