Mercykillers, also known as the Red Death are a Sigilian Faction. The Mercykillers are relentless in their pursuit of justice, believing that without justice there can be no truth. They are self-appointed guardians and executioners of true justice across the multiverse. They apply justice to all things, including themselves and do not enforce unjust laws.

Their motto is "Justice is everything. When properly applied, punishment leads to perfection." They have a very fanatic devotion to justice that can be unnerving, but it can be used against them.

The Nameless One cannot join this faction.

The FactionEdit


The symbol of the Mercykiller faction is that of a large red dragon with outstretched wings. All Mercykillers have these symbols emblazoned on their spiked armor and the character of Vhailor also has this symbol on his axe.


"When properly applied, punishment leads to perfection..." - Mallin
The Red Death are people of true justice. They are the main people for bringing justice to the streets of Sigil, anyone who commits a crime goes onto their list of people to hunt down. They are seemingly righteous people and they enforce justice according to the amount of injustice that has been previously served. They are a type of police force with their armor serving as a type of uniform. Their methods are very extreme but also extremely precise, they are joint in the single goal of stamping out all injustice from Sigil. They firmly believe that by imposing justice on the multiverse it can be cleansed of evil and made perfect. They dedicate their lives to dispensing justice, but it must be done correctly, according to the law.


A Mercykiller in Sigil.

The meaning of the name "Mercykiller" is said to be commonly misunderstood by foreigners as meaning that they kill out of mercy but it is almost the exact opposite, it is rather that they search to kill mercy itself. They take it upon themselves to punish the guilty of Sigil at any cost and do not use mercy in any form in so doing.

The faction seem to be indebted in some way to the Lady of Pain, having to do her bidding and helping her to keep order, they are a people who are influenced largely by her presence. If some displeases her, Mercykillers are sent after them. The Mercykillers are upholders of the law and devote their lives to patrolling the streets of Sigil, although they tend to stay out of the poorer sections of the city, such as the lowly Hive areas. The Mercykillers work with the Harmonium and the Fraternity of Order to promote peace and stability in Sigil. The Godsmen faction are on good terms with the Mercykiller and are always looking for ways to get into their good books.

Their credo that mercy is for the weak, and the merciful should be punished. Appropriately, their headquarters is Sigil's Prison, where they carry out the sentences of convicted criminals.

Revered MercykillersEdit



Vhailor, the true Mercykiller.

"Vhailor was the best of all of us. A true Mercykiller. Justice was his mistress and his lifeblood." - Tarner
"I hear the blood (the guy) was practically godlike!" - Caleb

There are several well-revered Mercykillers of Sigil, but the one main Red Death man of legendary status was Vhailor, he was an old-time Mercykiller and all new recruits aspire to be like he was. He was so devoted that he would never surrender, and when he disappeared chasing a criminal through a portal, he became a martyr to the faction and was revered by all of the Red Death.


Mallin was the Mercykillers' last factol and he is quoted as to have once said that: "When properly applied, punishment leads to perfection..." This is a very famous quote, especially among upholders of the law, and it soon became the faction motto.

Justice ListEdit

The Mercykillers Caleb, Tarner and Ilsidon have a centuries-old portrait of you and you are a clear suspect of theirs, they are waiting for you in the Smoldering Corpse Bar but do not seem to recognize you due to your injuries. Tarner says that he was a man of immense strength, with an overpowering anger and he got himself surrounded by a Red Death patrol but escaped through a portal. You have also come into contact previously with the Mercykillers by getting yourself drawn and quartered by several dozen of them after you went on a murderous rampage in a Lower Ward pub three centuries ago, your remains were cast beyond the walls of Sigil. Pharod is also in their list of people to apprehend although even if they had known where he was they had absolutely no proof as to what he was doing. Tarner says that only someone like Vhailor would be able to apprehend the man without proof.

List of MercykillersEdit

  • Vhailor: A PC character found in the prison under Curst.
  • Caleb: A new recruit to the Mercykillers at the Smoldering Corpse Bar hoping to catch his first criminal.
  • Tarner: Elderly Mercykiller at the Smoldering Corpse Bar.
  • Ilsidon: Man supervising Caleb at the Smoldering Corpse Bar.
  • Mallin: The last factol of the Mercykillers.
  • Carus: The oldest Mercykiller known to the faction.
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