Miscellaneous items in Planescape: Torment are items that do not cleanly fit into other categories. They may be utterly useless, or provide a useful effect.

Below is a list of miscellaneous items. Items marked with "none" have no effects or uses whatsoever and can be safely dropped or sold.

Misc items Edit

Icon Item name Use / Effects Price
Note A Clue! None 0
Goody chalk A Goody! None 0
Magic item candy A Magic Item! None 0
Abyssal pipe Abyssal Pipe Invokes: "Cloudkill" 750
Ashes pabulum Ashes of the Pabulum Summons Trelons 1500
Bag coins Bag of Coins None 0
Chocolate candy Blessed Candy Invokes: "Bless" 100
Candlestick icon Candlestick None? 1
Goody chalk Chalk None 1
Charcoal Charm Charcoal Pencil None 1
Cheese Cheese None 0
Rags Cleaning Rags None 1
Codex Book Codex of the Inconceivable Grants 1000 XP 1000
Chocolate candy 2 Crunchity Candy Invokes: "Armor" 150
Quill pen icon Dhall's Quill Pen Permanent +1 to Lore Skill 5
Dustman robes costume Dustman Costume Disguises user as a Dustman 10
Fall-from-grace diary icon Fall-from-Grace's Diary None 0
Finger bone icon Finger-Bone Get Mempa's Biting Ring 0
Candy key Frosty Mint Candy Invokes: "Friends" 100
Godsman costume disguise icon Godsman Costume Disguises user as a Godsman 10
Godsman costume disguise icon Godsman Disguise Disguises user as a Godsman 10
Embalming fluid salve Gorgon Salve Used to gain XP at the Art and Curio Galleria 100
Scroll contract Healing Scroll Heals 33 HP 0
Chocolate candy Holy Candy Invokes: "Protection From Evil" 100
Junk Junk Keep one piece, sell others 0
Lady pain rag doll icon Lady of Pain Rag Doll Access the Player's Maze 0
Leather purse icon Leather Purse None 1
Leather strap icon Leather Strap None 0
Lucky candy Lucky Candy Invokes: "Luck" 200
Maslow pryramid icon Maslow's Pyramid Reduces fatigue, Reduces intoxication, Heals 9 HP 2500
Magic item candy Mechanus Candy Invokes: "Call Lightning" 150
Chocolate candy 2 Minaurosian Chocolate Invokes: "Swarm Curse" 150
Fanged mirror imaging Mirror of Imaging Creates 1-4 Mirror Images of self 3000
Monster jug icon Monster Jug Releases a Gereleth to fight 100
Murk icon Murk Invokes Blacksphere 500
Cheese Poison Cheese Kill Mantuok 0
Moridor ruby Portal Lens Teleports party across Sigil 4000
Pouch icon Pouch None? 1
Chocolate candy Quivering Candy Invokes: "Strength" 200
Rags Rags None 0
Rod of Modron Might Rod of Modron Might Summons 1-3 Modron Constructs 2500
Sadistic frame Sadistic Frame Invokes: "Pain Mirror" 200
Scent storm Scent of the Storm Invokes: "Acid Storm" 2500
Shackles light Shackles of Light Invokes: "Chain Lightning Storm" 1200
Skull icon Skull None 0
Iron ore sounding stone icon Sounding Stone Use in the Fortress of Regrets 0
Chocolate candy Stinky Chocolate Invokes: "Cloudkill" 500
Cobblestone Stone Gullet of L'Phahl the Gross Permanent +1 to save vs. poison and +15% acid resistance 5000
Stone dead lim-lim icon Stone Lim-Lim Sold to Giltspur for 75 or password for the Anarchist warehouse 30
Strip of skin icon Strip of Skin Used to make Skin of Regrets 0
Tears sorrow Tears of Sorrow Invokes: "Elysium's Tears" 250
Tome cheats blank journal Tome o' Cheats Allows cheating in-game. 1000
Wererat skull Wererat Skull None 0
Xachariah liver Xachariah's Liver None 0

Books and notes Edit

Notes and books often only contain flavor text or clues and can be safely discarded, since they have no value and cannot be sold. Check the quest item list before throwing anything out though, it might be important.

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