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Morte, like the other companions, speaks at random intervals[1] to acknowledge his selection, to announce that he has leveled up, to express his mood or feelings about the other companions, to complain about missing his target while attacking, to warn that he is about to die, or simply to show that he is bored. He also has some conversations with other companions.

Morte is voiced by Rob Paulsen, and has a US east coast accent.

Note: Banter with other companions in the original game is rare and it is possible to miss the vast majority of it (only 12 out of the 78 fully-voiced banters play).[2] Qwinn's Tweak Pack contains a banter accelerator that fixes this problem, allowing most of the conversations to appear in one playthrough. Banter is usually initiated after resting or travelling.

Voice files[edit | edit source]

Morte is voiced by Rob Paulsen and has a US East Coast accent.

  • Selection: "What's up?", "Yeah?", "Huh?", "What?", "What's up, chief?", "What's the word, chief?"
  • Command: "...Okay.", "Good as done.", "Sure, why not."
  • Removed from party: "I will *not* cry.", "Eh, all right. Listen, are you sure you don't need me, chief?", "You know, chief, it's almost as if you don't love me anymore."
  • Added to party: "I knew you'd be back, chief, finally realized you needed me, huh?"
  • Level Up: "Looks like my skills have increased"
  • Bored pronouncement: "Aw, c'mon, let's shake a leg. Well, I mean, *you* shake a leg."
  • Moody: (Companion dependent)
    • Dak'kon: "Ehh, I don't trust the Gith. I say we leave him behind."
    • Annah: "You know, it wouldn't hurt to say a few words to me, fiendling...Or hug me...Or kiss me."
    • Ignus: "Hey chief, uh, what you say we get rid of Ignus, all right? He's burning his candle at both ends, if you know what I mean."
    • Nordom: "I can't believe we're traveling with a cube that talks to his crossbows."
    • Vhailor: "*Sigh* I think someone needs to oil Vhailor."
    • Vhailor: "That clanking justice machine is really getting on my nerves, chief."

When the player repeatedly selects him (such as hitting the number keys over and over):

  • "You know what? We should get some female zombies to join this party, right chief?"
  • "You know, if I could click you, you wouldn't know a moment's peace."
  • "Morte, like latin, for death."
  • "Women are the reason I became a monk. And uh, the reason I switched back."

Combat comments[edit | edit source]

  • Critical miss: "Damnit!"
  • Critical hit: "Did you see that?"
  • Target immune to weapon: "My bite's not working on this thing!"
  • Appeal: "My jaw is hanging on by a thread, could you give me a hand here?"

Death and resurrection comments[edit | edit source]

Upon the Nameless One's death in combat:

  • "Oh great. I hope he doesn't lose his memories this time."
  • "*Sigh* Encore, encore."
  • "Ugh, talk about beating a dead horse."
  • "How many times must this fool die?"
  • "*Sigh* Another trip to the mortuary?"
  • "Oh. Looks like death's come for the bill." (bugged, fixed in Fixpack 4.0)

Upon Annah's death in combat:

  • "Not the fiendling!"

Upon Dak'kon's death in combat:

Upon Vhailor's death in combat:

  • "He died a long time ago, alas."
  • "Well, so much for living forever, huh?"
  • "Finally gave up the ghost, eh?"

Upon Ignus' death:

  • "Whew, that death was a blessing. For us *and* the planes."
  • "I hope he doesn't get back up is all I'm saying."
  • "Aaah, will miracles never cease."
  • "Well, looks like old Ignus got his candle snuffed."
  • "I sure am gonna miss his warm personality."
  • "Whoa, I wasn't sure how much longer I could take his ridiculous hissing."

Upon Fall-from-Grace's death in combat:

  • "Not Grace! Oh, this isn't good at all."

Upon Nordom's death in combat:

  • "Oh nooo! I kinda liked that stupid polygon."

Comments upon the Nameless One's resurrection at the Mortuary:

  • "Whoa, thought we lost you for good this time, chief."
  • "Looks like beauty sleep hasn't helped *you* any."
  • "Welcome back, chief."
  • "You know, I was just sitting here wondering whether you were going to get up, and then you have to go spoil my fun."
  • "Oh finally, now I can stop watching over you and go relieve myself."
  • "You know chief, you snore. Really loud."
  • "I'm sick of dragging your corpse back here with my teeth."
  • "I'm really sick of you dying on us. Cut it out, will ya?"
  • "I hope you have all your memories this time."
  • "I hope you haven't forgotten yourself, I don't want to explain our boring adventures all over again."

Equipment comments[edit | edit source]

  • Inventory full, item dropped: "I couldn't carry it so I had to drop it."
  • Encumbered, cannot run: "I'm carrying too much to run."
  • Encumbered, cannot move: "I can't move when I'm carrying all this."
  • Bash successful: "Open."
  • Bash failed: "Failed."

If the player attempts to remove Morte's default 'teeth' weapon:

  • "I'd rather hold on to it, thanks."
  • "If I could part with it, I would! But it's a part of me."
  • "In case you didn't notice, chief, those are my teeth."
  • "Unless you've suddenly become a dentist, hands off!"

When trying to equip a weapon that is not teeth on him:

  • "Oh sure, I'll just, uh, swing it with my arms."
  • "I don't want that."
  • "I can't take that."

When dropping a non-weapon item on Morte's paperdoll in the inventory screen (only 1 in 5 chance):

  • "If you wanna give me something, give me Annah's vest, huh?"
  • "If you wanna give me something, why don't you give me, uh, I dunno, Grace's bodice?"

When changing his teeth or attempting to drop Annah's or Grace's original armor on his paperdoll:

  • "Hey!"
  • "He-hey."
  • "Hey, come on."
  • "Hey."

Location remarks[edit | edit source]

  • Hive (Day): "Hey, we're being watched, chief. Just act natural... casual."
  • Hive (Night): "This is probably the worst place we could be in Sigil at the worst time."
  • Gathering Dust Bar (first visit): "Chief, what are we doing here? What's say we just give this place the laugh, all right?"
  • Clerk's Ward: "Aaaaah, the sweet scent of sensates and guv'ners."
  • Lower Ward: "This air's making my skull itch."
  • Ravel's Maze: "Hey, let's find a way out of here before this place grows on us, okay? Literally?"
  • Baator: "Chief, nothing's worth this. Please, let's get out of here, okay?"
  • Rubikon: "I... I feel like I'm in a cuckoo clock. A cuckoo cuckoo clock."
  • Curst: "Chief, watch your back here, okay? This place is filled with backstabbers."
  • Carceri: "Great, first one of the Lady's mazes, now the prison plane. Why can't we go somewhere nice?"
  • Fortress of Regrets: "Chief, I won't fail you again, I swear."

Morte and Annah[edit | edit source]

Morte: Annah, could you stop flicking that tail, it's irritating.
Annah: If you shut your trap, then I'll stop waving my tail.
Morte: Flick away then.
Morte: So, fiendling, let me, uh, sit on your lap and hear a little story.
Annah: Oh yeah, you trying to sit in my lap would make a grand tale.... and a short one.
Morte: I'll just float over here and sulk then.
Morte: It couldn't hurt you to say a few words to me, fiendling.
Annah: Oh, aye, it could... hurt yeh, that is.
Morte: Say, Annah, does that tail go all the way up?
Annah: Oh, aye, up your bone box to rip out your brains.
Morte: (in a Scottish accent which is surprisingly accurate given the thick Morte accent, mimics Annah) 'Aye, up your bone box to rip out your brains.'
Annah: Stand away from me, Morte.
Morte: I can't stand anywhere. It's this uh, legs thing, you know?
Annah: FIND a way, skull.
Morte: You know, fiendling, I've seen the way you look at the chief. Nothing to be ashamed of. Just say something.
Annah: I'll never tell him how I feel, nor shall you prattle on to him about it. There's a mark o' doom on 'im, and I'll not sway him from his path. D'you hear me skull?
Morte: All right, all right, calm down. Sheesh.
Morte: If things get any worse I might as well go dip my pen in the Lady of Pain.
Annah: Watch yer bone box, skull, don't be takin' her name in vain like that!
Morte: What, you mean the Lady of Pain? Is talking about the Lady of Pain a bad thing? Why would the Lady of Pain mind us talking about her, Annah?
Annah: Are you tryin' to get us all carved to pieces? Don't you be temptin' fate with that, skull!
Morte: Fate shouldn't tempt me.
Morte: Uff, Powers Above, I've got this stupid itch on the back of my head again, it's killing me.
Annah: Ah, serves ya right, skull, ya sure irritate the rest of us enough.
Morte: You know, one day you'll have an itch you can't scratch, and I won't help you. And then, my revenge will be complete.
Morte: Annah, if you don't like me staring, why do you wear that, um, you know, that... that vest?
Annah: It lets my skin breathe, ya eejit.
Morte: Well, sure takes my breath away.
Morte: Fiendling, I have to ask, where did you get that accent?
Annah: Accent? What are ye on about?
Morte: Never mind.
Annah: Donnae be fooled by that Succubus. She's interested in you, cause of the shape of yer neck. It's just right for her to sink her teeth into.
Morte: I can think of worse ways to go.
Annah: If ye need to go somewhere, skull, don't let us keep ye.
Morte: I have a name, you know.
Annah: I've several names for you. None of them fit for polite company.
Morte: You know, fiendling, you'd look a lot better if you dressed up some more. You know, a pair of lace boots with lengthy heels on them to go with those emerald eyes.
Annah: Oh, if I were you, I'd learn to latch yer bone box.
Morte: Well, if I were you, I'd rent a suite and not come out for a month.

Morte and Fall-from-Grace[edit | edit source]

Grace: Your verbal skills are quite potent. I should have you spend some time at the Brothel when we get back.
Morte: Oh, the Gods are merciful!
Grace: Morte, I must confess, I'm curious as to how you became a floating skull.
Morte: It's a long story involving the head of Vecna. I don't want to talk about it.
Grace: (amused) That was you?
Morte: Could we *please* change the subject?
Morte: So, Grace... you uh, have any sisters?
Grace: Thousands.
Morte: Give me a moment to be delirious with joy.
Grace: I'm curious, what happened to your body?
Morte: Me? I'm the head of Vecna.
Grace: Morte, what are you again? I don't believe you ever said.
Morte: Me? I'm 'le petit Morte'.

Morte and Nordom[edit | edit source]

Morte: Psst, hey, Nordom, calculate the easiest way for me to snuggle with Annah's pillows, okay?
Nordom: Annah! Morte wants to 'snuggle with your pillows'.
Morte: Shut up! Shut up!!
Morte: I'm gonna roll that stupid box like dice.
Nordom: That is physically impossible for you without surrogate arms. Nor am I numbered like a die.
Nordom: Attention: Morte. I have a question. Do I have free will?
Morte: If free will means obeying my orders without question, then yes.
Nordom: Free will does not seem to hold many benefits for a modron.
Morte: Welcome to the planes, kid.
Morte: Hey Nordom! Knock knock.
Nordom: Why do you persist in addressing me as a door?
Morte: It's a joke, you stupid polygon. You're supposed to answer 'Who's there?'
Nordom: I know who is there. It is you. Why would I ask a question when I know the answer?
Morte: You know what, I... just forget it.
Morte: Nordom, how come you never reload your crossbows?
Nordom: They do not require reloading. They are always ready to fire.
Morte: That must be handy.
Morte: Nordom, will you stop clicking your crossbows, it's driving me barmy.
Nordom: They are not clicking. They are in a period of deep discussion concerning this journey.
Morte: Once... just once... I would like to travel with some normal people.
Nordom: Attention: Morte. I have a question. What is the rule of three?
Morte: Annah, a bottle of Furyondian Fire Amber, and a suite in the Festhall.
Nordom: Attention: Morte. I have a question. What is the rule of three?
Morte: Annah, Fall-From-Grace and yours truly bathing in a Cimmerian mud flat.
Nordom: That conflicts with several previous definitions.
Morte: Hey, some people read the dictionary, others write it.
Nordom: Attention, Morte. Did you know I have six sides?
Morte: (sarcastic) I noticed. Why don't you go share your insight with the chief, eh?
Nordom: Attention, Morte. I have a question: do you have a destiny... a purpose?
Morte: Is Annah still wearing clothes?
Nordom: Affirmatory.
Morte: Then, the answer is yes.
Nordom: A question, Morte. How do you stay aloft?
Morte: Flatulence, you stupid polygon.
Nordom: I will consider this.
Nordom: Attention: Morte. Did you know I have eighteen points of articulation?
Morte: I'm gonna give you nineteen if you don't shut your trap.
Nodrom: Dak'kon's silence seems to be a most efficient use of language.
Morte: Then why don't you try and be a little more 'efficient,' you rattling polygon.
Nordom: Morte, explain to me again why you would 'love to bite Annah:' Would this not provoke an attack?
Morte: Now wait, I-I-I-never said that!
Annah: (Scowls at Morte)
Nordom: Attention: Morte. I have a question. Do you have a destiny? A purpose?
Morte: Is Fall-From-Grace naked?
Nordom: Negatory.
Morte: Then the answer to your question is yes.
Nordom: Attention: Morte. I have a question. What is fate?
Morte: Annah, a bottle of Furyondian fire amber, and a suite in the Festhall.
Nordom: Understood.
Nordom: Morte, is it true that--
Morte: Oh, shut *up*.
Nordom: I find you most curmudgeonly.
Nordom: Attention: Morte. I wish to address your body.
Morte: Oh, go bother someone else, you idiot counting box.
Nordom: I have a question concerning your body's whereabouts. Where is it?
Morte: I don't know, all right? It's just... it's... you know... it's gone.
Nordom: How does the head separate from the body without you knowing?
Morte: I'll show you if you don't shut your trap.
Morte: Why don't you hop back to Mechanus, Nordom, huh?
Nordom: I do not accept orders from you.

(If Fall-from-Grace and Annah are in the party:)

Nordom: Attention: Morte. Have we achieved a state of friendly camaraderie yet?
Morte: Go kiss a bear trap.
Grace: Morte, come on.
Morte: Trust me. Annah could use a kiss.

Morte and Vhailor[edit | edit source]

Vhailor: I find you disturbingly familiar, Nameless One.
Morte: Trust me, you've never met him.
Vhailor: You do not engender trust in me, skull.
Morte:Chief, we really oughta ditch this guy before he remembers something the last you did. (Line absent in vanilla PS:T, restored in Unfinished Business mod)

Morte and two or more party members[edit | edit source]

Nordom: Fall-From-Grace, is it true that 'every woman thinks floating skulls are hot stuff?'
Grace: Why, whoever told you *that*, dear Nordom?
Morte: No one! No one told him that!
Nordom: Attention: Fall-From-Grace. Do you exert optical gravity?
Grace: Pardon me?
Nordom: I have perceived you exert a field that forces others to follow you with their eyes. They lack the muscle control to turn away.
Morte: It's purely voluntary on their part, you idiot. Uh... not that I would know.
Nordom: Annah, is it true that you "dig" Morte?
Annah: *WHAT*?!
Morte: *Whistles innocently*

Litany of Curses taunts[edit | edit source]

  • "New taunts, all right!"

See: Litany of Curses for a full list of Morte's taunts.

Unused voice files[edit | edit source]

There are many files that were created for the game and never used, files that are in the game engine and were never used, and files that were not implemented at release but have been restored by patches.

Notable unused files for Morte:[1]

  • MRT006: "I'm leaving while I still got my head on my shoulders."
  • MRT007: "This journey is turning out better than I thought. Uh, you know, not that I had any doubts."
  • MRT011: "I haven't had this much fun since, uh... the last time."
  • MRT017: "I am both happy and completely miserable. Without the happy part."
  • MRT041: "*Sigh* It's almost like the master of our destiny got up for some coffee."
  • MRT106: "You know, this place looks like Mechanus but it feels all wrong." (presumably intended for the Modron Maze)
  • MRT168: "I'm not saying Vhailor's barmy but his scales just don't balance."
  • MRT464BA: "Stupid clockwork toy."
  • MRT028: "*Yawn* I gotta rest, my eyeballs are drying out." (Tired. Unused since Morte cannot suffer fatigue effects.)

References[edit | edit source]

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