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Morte, like all the other party members, can have interesting conversations about various topics, most often himself, with the Nameless One.

There is experience and alignment adjustments to be gained through these conversations, and Morte's morale can be improved or worsened.

This article is a guide to conversations with Morte.

Initiating conversation[]

To speak with Morte when he is in the party, right click on the ground to bring up the radial menu, select the dialogue cursor and click on Morte.

Zombie chits[]

Morte is a chaotic character, as such, he is fond of taunts, and saying exactly what is going through his mind. He is attracted to recently dead women, and makes no secret of it.


Skeleton bodies for Morte[]

When interacting with skeletons, Morte wonders if he can steal their bodies for his own use. The Nameless One can taunt Morte about being a simple skull. TNO can also offer Morte the bodies of the Giant Skeletons on the Mortuary Ground Floor.

  • Chaotic: Taunting Morte that he's just a simple skull
  • Good: Offering Morte the Giant Skeleton bodies, but retracting that because TNO is worried about Morte's safety.


A character named Yellow-Fingers in Ragpicker's Square thinks that Morte is his skull. Immediately refusing to give him the skull increases Morte's morale.

Don't trust the skull[]

In the Tomb of the Nameless One, TNO can find a panel that says the same thing as the tattoos on his back, except there is a new line: "Don't trust the skull."

After leaving the tomb, TNO can ask Morte about this, to which he replies that it isn't important, and that TNO can trust him.

  • 1000 XP for asking Morte about the part about not trusting him.