It's called the 'Mortuary'... it's a big black structure with all the architectural charm of a pregnant spider.


The Mortuary is a large, circular black building located in the Hive district of the city of Sigil. It is the main headquarters of the Dustmen faction, who collect the city's corpses in order to either cremate them, or raise the ones they bought the rights to as an undead workforce.

This is where the game begins, on the second floor, where The Nameless One, believed to be dead, was brought.

Once TNO leaves the Mortuary, there are only a few ways of getting back in:

  • Dying, provided the location of the death is closer to the Mortuary than other resurrection points,
  • Asking Pox, a collector outside to smuggle TNO in
  • Asking the Dustmen Guard outside for leave to enter, if TNO has joined the Dustmen faction.
  • Talk to the Dustmen Guard and claim you wish to pay your respects to Deionarra, provided you've found and spoken with her before.

For detailed information about items, quests and characters, please visit each floor's individual page.

Second Floor[edit | edit source]

Main article: Mortuary 2nd Floor

The 2nd floor of the Mortuary is where The Nameless One awakens from the dead in the first scene in the game. It has a total of eight rooms with a clockwise progression, in the same fashion as the other floors of the Mortuary with its circular contour.

Here, the Dustmen catalog new corpse arrivals in the receiving room and prepare them using embalming fluid to be resurrected as zombie workers, if they have signed a Dead Contract prior to their death. The raised zombies are used as the main workforce around the Mortuary, carrying out menial tasks.

Later, if the Nameless One dies, and isn't closer to other resurrection points, he will find himself back on this floor of the Mortuary.

Mortuary 2nd floor map.jpg

Third floor[edit | edit source]

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The third floor of the Mortuary is where the cremation of bodies or people who didn't sign their corpses away to the Dustmen in life takes place. It also acts as extra storage space for the Dustmen's various supplies. It is filled with skeleton workers, who were once zombies, but have been raised for so long, their flesh has rotted away. Dustmen also patrol the floor.

Mortuary 3rd floor map.jpg

Ground floor[edit | edit source]

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The ground floor contains memorial chambers and tombs, a great hall and a central chamber.It is where the Dustmen entertain the odd visitor, as well as accept fresh corpses from the collectors, either to be raised as a work force, or incinerated.

Mortuary1st floor map.jpg

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