The second floor of the Mortuary is the place where The Nameless One (TNO) initially awakens. It has a total of eight rooms that all form part of the circular contour of the Mortuary.

Access to the stairs leading down to the Mortuary Ground Floor requires the Mortuary Sanctum Key which is located on the Mortuary 3rd Floor.

Quests Edit


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Mortuary 2nd floor map

Southwest Preparation RoomEdit

This room is locked tighter than a chastity belt


This vinegar and formaldehyde smelling room is where the Nameless One awakens for the first time, amidst gutted corpses laying on slabs tended to by three zombie workers.

It is located, as its name describes, in the lower left corner of the map, at the 7:30 position on the clockwise circuit of rooms that leads out of the second floor.

Waiting with TNO for him to awaken on a blood-stained slab is the floating skull, Morte, who immediately joins the party. The room is initially locked and requires a key to open, which is held by Zombie #782.

TNO will awaken here every time he dies, if the place of his death is nearer to the Mortuary than it is to the other resurrection points.



Room 2Edit

This room contains 3 zombies and no items, it is when you enter this room that Morte suggests that TNO should start a new journal. Morte also develops an attraction to the female zombies in the room and feels as if he wants to share a coffin with one of them.


Look chief, these dead chits are the last chance for a couple of hardy bashers like us...


Receiving RoomEdit

The Receiving Room contains five zombies, three male and two female, and Dhall, a Dustman scribe who notes in his giant logbook all the shells that have passed through the room. He calls it the "Waiting Room" as it is where all the bodies come to wait for the True Death. He has seen the Nameless One spontaneously rise from the dead more times than he can count and been keeping that fact secret from his colleagues.

Zombie #1201 has a note in its mouth that can be extracted with a scalpel, which rewards 250 XP. Deciphering the note's puzzle yields the Rule-of-Three Earring.



Dhall with his gigantic logbook behind him


Room 4Edit

This room is empty, except for one zombie wondering around.

Creatures Edit

Embalming RoomEdit

This room is where recently arrived corpses get embalmed so as to slow their decay when they are raised to become zombie workers. Ei-Vene is a tiefling embalmer working there who mistakes TNO for a zombie, ordering him to fetch her Needle and Thread, and Embalming Fluid. She rewards an HP increase upon completion of the quest.

Creatures Edit


Room 6 Edit

This room is empty, except for one shambling zombie, who requires further scrutiny.

Creatures Edit

  • "Zombie #821" isn't a zombie at all. He can help TNO escape from the Mortuary, in exchange for a favor. He can also disguise TNO as a zombie: as long as TNO doesn't break character, the Dustmen on the other floors will not look at him twice.

Southeast Preparation Room Edit

This room contains only a few items.


Room 8 Edit

The southernmost room can be accessed after acquiring the Mortuary Sanctum Key, but it is virtually empty.

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