The 3rd Floor of the Mortuary houses the crematorium, where corpses of people who have not signed a Death Contract are incinerated instead of being raised.

This floor is filled with Dustmen, skeletons, and zombies on duty, and they will turn hostile to any intruder. To wander the floor freely, The Nameless One can either get disguised as a zombie by Vaxis on the second floor, or tell any inquiring Dustman that he is here to see someone (either mentioning Dhall, or asking for Adahn – the latter of which increases his chaotic value).

Map Edit

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Mortuary 3rd floor map


The Iron Spikes, Clubs, and Leather Straps from the skeletons are useless and cannot be sold, and are worth zero Copper commons anyway.

Creatures Edit

There are many zombies, skeletons and Dustmen on this floor, but only a few are notable:

Alignment Edit

Main article: Alignment

Attempting to talk to the skeletons and zombies and taunting Morte when he chimes in makes The Nameless One more Chaotic. Torment does not reward Chaotic players at all except with an aesthetic bonus and some meager items for using an alias (which is counted as lying and Chaotic). It is most advantageous to accumulate as many Lawful points as possible, to at least take advantage of the two Tear of Salieru-Dei consumable items, each of which gives a character a permanent +1 to Constitution, if not the +3 to Strength given by Vhailor later in the game to characters who are especially Lawful.

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