The ground floor of the Mortuary is a public space and memorial with many tombs, where the Dustmen receive the odd visitor, but more often, corpses to be raised as zombies or incinerated.

Exiting Edit

There are several ways to exit the Mortuary for the first time:

  • Get Soego to open the gate. (500 XP)
  • Ask Deionarra to help. She also grants the Raise Dead ability. (1500 XP total for both the ability and getting her to point TNO to the portal, at [X=1400 Y=450].)

Map Edit

To view X, Y coordinates in-game, press L.

Click the map to enlarge it.

Mortuary1st floor map

Characters Edit

  • Soego (X=1600 Y=2600) is a Dustman who can open the Mortuary door.
  • Deionarra can be found at (X=1040 Y=1070) in the left / west room. She is a former companion of the Nameless One.
  • Xachariah's spirit can be contacted here (X=3845 Y=1100) once TNO learns the name of the blind archer that accompanied his former incarnation, and learns the Stories-Bones-Tell ability.
  • Zombie #732 (X=3600 Y=2000), who can be relieved of the Tome of Bone and Ash he is carrying, which can help decipher the enchantments on the Giant Skeletons.
  • Giant Skeletons, who yield various runes, if their enchantments are undone.

Items Edit

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