Listed in the journal quest list as "Speak to the ten students in the brothel," this quest's completion is necessary if the Nameless One wishes to recruit Fall-from-Grace. She is willing to join the party, but wishes for the Nameless One to seek out and speak to her ten students first.

Many of the tasks for this quest overlap greatly or lead to similar locations; this page is meant to detail the order in which the given tasks can be completed efficiently.


Nine of the students can be found in or near their rooms, or walking the main hall. They are listed in order of their rooms, following the first on the left traveling clockwise. Note that these coordinates end up mostly inaccurate since the NPCs wander (use the L key to see coordinates):

For more specific information on individual students, see the characters' pages.

Vivian and MarissaEdit

Helping Vivian and Marissa involves following one set path. They have both had their belongings go missing; retrieving one will lead to the discovery of the other. To help them:

  • Speak to Vivian to learn that her personal scent was stolen.
  • Ask Nenny Nine-Eyes about it. She will have to practice saying "mean" things on the Nameless One before she will talk about what she knows.
  • Speak to Marissa and learn that her veil has been stolen.
  • Speak to Nenny again. She mentions having seen Kimasxi Adder-Tongue sneaking around. Ask Kimasxi and she will deny it.
  • Return to Nenny one final time and she remembers seeing a strange man in the brothel. This information leads to Luis the Armoire, a mage who is living in the brothel while pretending to be a dresser. He is in the first room on the left, close to the brothel entry-way.
  • Forcefully take Marissa's veil from him. Before returning it to her, head back to Vivian and allow her to remove her scent from it.
  • Return the veil to Marissa.

Juliette, Dolora, and EccoEdit

It is only necessary to leave the brothel once during this quest. After speaking to each of the students to learn what they all need done, the following locations will have to be visited:

Some of the following instructions involving Dolora's portion of this quest are unnecessary if an alternate (and inadvisable) method* is used. See the below note for clarification.

Before leaving the brothel, steal a love letter from Yves' room (optional – one can be obtained elsewhere without stealing).

Now, leave the brothel. If a love letter was not stolen from Yves' room, visit Scofflaw Penn in the printing shop in the Lower Ward and purchase one.

Visit Vrischika's Curiosity Shoppe and purchase the following items:

If the Rune-Covered Ale Stein was not purchased, help the Drunken Mage at the bar near the advocate's home. Tell him to visit Unfulfilled-Desire, in the Civic Festhall dormitories. In return, he will freely give up his enchanted mug. (Unfulfilled-Desire needs to have been met for this to be possible.)

Go to the Art and Curio Galleria once a suitable mug has been attained (Rune-Covered Ale Stein or the Drunken Mage's mug). Catch some ice from the "Dark Birds of Ocanthus" sculpture.

Head to the Civic Festhall. While there:

  • Speak to Montague for Juliette. Convince him that she is having an affair, either by claiming to be her suitor or by providing a fake love letter as proof. Once convinced, Montague is willing to leave Juliette. Explain it was all a trick and get him to stay with her, or let the relationship end.
  • Speak to Merriman for Dolora. Give him the mug with the ice shards in it and he will give the Nameless One the keys to Dolora's heart.

*Alternatively, Merriman can be pick-pocketed or murdered to gain the keys. Killing him will cause the Nameless One and co. to be attacked by the guards in the Clerk's Ward every time the area is entered.

Return to the brothel. Let Juliette know how things turned out with Montague and give Dolora her keys. If asked about it, Dolora will now reveal that Ecco has no voice because it was stolen – it is necessary to learn this to help Ecco. Give Ecco the Fiend's Tongue and the Deva's Tears (in that order) to return her voice to her.

Other studentsEdit

Kimasxi Adder-Tongue, Nenny Nine-Eyes, and Yves have no personal quests of their own. Nenny mainly provides helpful information. Yves can be reconnected with her mother Yvana, but there is no reward and it is not listed or treated as a quest.

Kesai-Serris has no personal quest, but she plays an important role in reaching Ravel Puzzlewell later in the game. In order to receive her help, the following people need to have had their personal quests completed:

  • Dolora, if only because she reveals information needed to help Ecco.
  • Ecco, who reveals Kesai's true parentage.
  • Juliette; after, Kimasxi Adder-Tongue can be questioned about Kesai's relation to Ravel.

Kesai-Serris can then be told to speak to her father about her mother, Ravel.

Tenth studentEdit

After all of this, return to Fall-from-Grace. The original goal was to speak to ten students, but it seems there are only nine in the brothel.

The Nameless One will need to decide who the tenth student is – either Luis the Armoire, or the Nameless One himself (wisdom 14+ or intelligence 15+ required). Either of these answers will be accepted by Fall-from-Grace and allow her to be recruited to the party.

In the back of the brothel, there is a hidden passageway (X=1350, Y=100) that leads to a room. Within it are ten sensory stones, one of which has had the name scratched off. This can be mentioned to Fall-from-Grace, which allows the Nameless One to suggest he is the tenth student (no intelligence/wisdom requirements, unlike the other similar option).