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Nordom, like the other companions, speaks at random intervals[1] to acknowledge his selection, to announce that he has leveled up, to express his mood or feelings about the other companions, to complain about missing his target while attacking, to warn that he is about to die, or simply to show that he is bored. He also has some conversations with other companions.

Nordom is voiced by Dan Castellaneta.

Note: Banter with other companions in the original game is rare and it is possible to miss the vast majority of it (only 12 out of the 78 fully-voiced banters play).[2] Qwinn's Tweak Pack contains a banter accelerator that fixes this problem, allowing most of the conversations to appear in one playthrough. Banter is usually initiated after resting or travelling.

Voice files Edit

Nordom is voiced by Dan Castellaneta.

  • Selection: "Nordom addressed.", "Packet dropped. Reiterate request.", "I, Nordom.", "I think therefore I am. I think.", "Awaiting order."
  • Command: "Processing.", "By your command.", "Affirmative!"
  • Removed from party:
    • "I will wait here pending further orders."
    • "I will guard this three foot square spot while you are gone."
    • "Rogue modron detached from party."
    • "Nordom detached."
    • "Nordom fired." (bugged, fixed in Fixpack 4.0)
  • Added to party: "Affirmatory! Admission granted, permissions exchanged. Status: All ready and Waiting."
  • Level Up: "Nordom has improved."
  • Bored pronouncement: "Nordom and crossbows wish to go in search of trouble."

When the player repeatedly selects him (such as hitting the number keys over and over):

  • "I've got rickets."
  • "I sleep in a drawer."
  • "I am cube decube."
  • "I'm a little modron short and stout."

Combat comments Edit

  • Critical miss: "Error! Error!".
  • Critical hit: "Maximally efficient strike."
  • Target immune to weapon: "Crossbows cannot harm target."
  • Attacked (damaged?): "Warning: armor breached"
  • Appeal: "Nordom damaged."
  • Death: none

Death and resurrection comments Edit

Upon companion's deaths in combat:

  • "Leader deceased. Hierarchy disrupted. Awaiting new orders."
  • "Leader terminated."
  • "Morte deceased."
  • "Morte terminated."
  • "Annah deceased."
  • "Annah terminated."
  • "Fall-from-Grace deceased."
  • "Fall-from-Grace terminated."
  • "Dak'kon deceased."
  • "Dak'kon terminated."
  • "Ignus deceased."
  • "Ignus terminated."
  • "Vhailor deceased."
  • "Vhailor terminated."

Upon the Nameless One's resurrection:

  • "Leader reactivated, Nordom awaiting instructions"
  • "Leader reanimated, Nordom awaiting instructions"
  • "Leader resurrected, Nordom awaiting instructions"

Equipment remarks Edit

Characters also have 'Inventory full', 'Encumbered, cannot run', 'Encumbered, cannot move', 'Bash success', 'Bash fail', 'Target immune to weapon', a comment when they leave the party, a statement when approached again after they have been removed from the party, and a greeting when they rejoin the party[1]

  • Inventory full, item dropped: "I had no room for that object so I was forced to eject it."
  • Encumbered, cannot run: "Run mode disabled until weight decreased."
  • Encumbered, cannot move: "Nordom is too encumbered to move."
  • Bash successful: "Action: force door. Result: success."
  • Bash failed: "Action: force door. Result: failed."

If the player attempts to remove his default equipment:

  • Bolts: "Permission to part with that item is denied."
  • Weapon: "Permission to part with these crossbows is denied."
  • Bolts:
  • Bolts:

"Nordom will not part with it."

Location remarks Edit

  • Hive: "Plane: Concordant Opposition. Location: Sigil. Ward: Hive"
  • Clerk's Ward: "Plane: Concordant Opposition. Location: Sigil. Ward: Clerks"
  • Lower Ward: "Plane: Concordant Opposition. Location: Sigil. Ward: Lower"
  • Ravel's Maze: "Processing. Plant life is not indigenous to structure."
  • Baator: "Plane: Baator. Location: Avernus. Current location: unknown."
  • Rubikon: "Plane: Limbo. Location: Rubikon testing grounds."
  • Fortress of Regrets: "Plane: Negative Material. Location: Fortress of Regrets."
  • Curst: "Plane: Concordant Opposition. Location: Gate Town, Curst."
  • Carceri: "Plane: Carceri. Location: Curst."

Nordom and Morte Edit

Morte: Psst, hey, Nordom, calculate the easiest way for me to snuggle with Annah's pillows, okay?
Nordom: Annah! Morte wants to 'snuggle with your pillows'.
Morte: Shut up! Shut up!!
Morte: I'm gonna roll that stupid box like dice.
Nordom: That is physically impossible for you without surrogate arms. Nor am I numbered like a die.
Nordom: Attention: Morte. I have a question. Do I have free will?
Morte: If free will means obeying my orders without question, then yes.
Nordom: Free will does not seem to hold many benefits for a modron.
Morte: Welcome to the planes, kid.
Morte: Hey Nordom! Knock knock.
Nordom: Why do you persist in addressing me as a door?
Morte: It's a joke, you stupid polygon. You're supposed to answer 'Who's there?'
Nordom: I know who is there. It is you. Why would I ask a question when I know the answer?
Morte: You know what, I... just forget it.
Morte: Nordom, how come you never reload your crossbows?
Nordom: They do not require reloading. They are always ready to fire.
Morte: That must be handy.
Morte: Nordom, will you stop clicking your crossbows, it's driving me barmy.
Nordom: They are not clicking. They are in a period of deep discussion concerning this journey.
Morte: Once... just once... I would like to travel with some normal people.
Nordom: Attention: Morte. I have a question. What is the rule of three?
Morte: Annah, a bottle of Furyondian Fire Amber, and a suite in the Festhall.
Nordom: Attention: Morte. I have a question. What is the rule of three?
Morte: Annah, Fall-From-Grace and yours truly bathing in a Cimmerian mud flat.
Nordom: That conflicts with several previous definitions.
Morte: Hey, some people read the dictionary, others write it.
Nordom: Attention, Morte. Did you know I have six sides?
Morte: (sarcastic) I noticed. Why don't you go share your insight with the chief, eh?
Nordom: Attention, Morte. I have a question: do you have a destiny... a purpose?
Morte: Is Annah still wearing clothes?
Nordom: Affirmatory.
Morte: Then, the answer is yes.
Nordom: A question, Morte. How do you stay aloft?
Morte: Flatulence, you stupid polygon.
Nordom: I will consider this.
Nordom: Attention: Morte. Did you know I have eighteen points of articulation?
Morte: I'm gonna give you nineteen if you don't shut your trap.
Nodrom: Dak'kon's silence seems to be a most efficient use of language.
Morte: Then why don't you try and be a little more 'efficient,' you rattling polygon.
Nordom: Morte, explain to me again why you would 'love to bite Annah:' Would this not provoke an attack?
Morte: Now wait, I-I-I-never said that!
Annah: (Scowls at Morte)
Nordom: Attention: Morte. I have a question. Do you have a destiny? A purpose?
Morte: Is Fall-From-Grace naked?
Nordom: Negatory.
Morte: Then the answer to your question is yes.
Nordom: Attention: Morte. I have a question. What is fate?
Morte: Annah, a bottle of Furyondian fire amber, and a suite in the Festhall.
Nordom: Understood.
Nordom: Morte, is it true that--
Morte: Oh, shut *up*.
Nordom: I find you most curmudgeonly.
Nordom: Attention: Morte. I wish to address your body.
Morte: Oh, go bother someone else, you idiot counting box.
Nordom: I have a question concerning your body's whereabouts. Where is it?
Morte: I don't know, all right? It's just... it's... you know... it's gone.
Nordom: How does the head separate from the body without you knowing?
Morte: I'll show you if you don't shut your trap.
Morte: Why don't you hop back to Mechanus, Nordom, huh?
Nordom: I do not accept orders from you.

Nordom and Annah Edit

Nordom: Annah, does your tail assist you in maintaining your balance?
Annah: No, it's for scratchin' my back, ye soddin' box!
Nordom: Yes, that is quite logical.
Annah: *Sigh*
Nordom: Annah, is your tail's purpose to indicate your current level of hostility?
Annah: What kinda stupid question's that, ya pikin' sod box?
Nordom: My analysis appears correct: Danger! Danger!

If Morte is also in the party:

Nordom: Annah, is it true that you "dig" Morte?
Annah: *WHAT*?!
Morte: *Whistles innocently*

Nordom and Fall-from-Grace Edit

Grace: You know, Nordom, you are perhaps the cutest little rogue modron I have ever encountered.
Nordom: 'Cutest' is a subjective term. I prefer the designation 'fearsome cubed warrior'.
Grace: Of course! That's why you're so cute.
Grace: Nordom, you're a quadrone Modron, correct? Where are your wings?
Nordom: Where once there were two wings, there are now two arms. I do not know why I lost my wings.
Grace: It's like you're a little fallen angel.
Nordom: The theme of 'falling from grace with one's people' coupled with my loss of wings is something that I had perceived and catalogued. I have observed it mirrored in many individuals that I interact with. (probable reference to Trias)
Grace: Nordom, are you speaking to your crossbows?
Nordom: Negatory.
Grace: Oh, that's a relief. I thought that-
Nordom: I am not speaking to them, I am listening to them. They were submitting queries as to when they will get to shoot something.
Grace: Oh.
Grace: Nordom, how does it feel to be separated from the Source, from other modrons?
Nordom: Once I was 'one'. Now I am 'one', but it is a smaller, louder 'one'.
Grace: It seems you and Morte have much more in common than I first thought.
Nordom: Attention: Fall-From-Grace. I wish to address your body.
Grace: Pardon me?
Nordom: Your body. Your form. Your reason for selecting it. Why?
Grace: Why... I suppose I find it comforting. Besides, I rather like the wings.
Nordom: It would be more practical for you to assume the form of a modron. It is 13.27% more efficient. Give or take +5.2%.
Grace: Why Nordom, are you trying to court me?
Nordom: It was not my intention to initiate legal action against you.
Nordom: I estimate Fall-from-Grace to be found attractive by the male sex of 321,423 separate species. Give or take five.
Grace: Oh? Does that include modrons?
Nordom: I am no longer able to answer that question. I do not know.

If Morte is also in the party:

Nordom: Attention: Fall-From-Grace. Do you exert optical gravity?
Grace: Pardon me?
Nordom: I have perceived you exert a field that forces others to follow you with their eyes. They lack the muscle control to turn away.
Morte: It's purely voluntary on their part, you idiot. Uh... not that I would know.
Nordom: Fall-From-Grace, is it true that 'every woman thinks floating skulls are hot stuff?'
Grace: Why, whoever told you *that*, dear Nordom?
Morte: No one! No one told him that!

Nordom and Vhailor Edit

Nordom: I am told Justice is blind. Is this why Mercykillers exist?
Vhailor: Justice is not blind. I am her eyes.

Unused files Edit

There are many files that were created for the game and never used, files that are in the game engine and were never used, and files that were not implemented at release but have been restored by patches.[1]

Notable unused voice files for Nordom are:[1]

  • NOR158 : "Shadows in vicinity have achieved mass and threatening trajectory."
  • NOR194 : "I have ascertained what this item is."
  • NOR014 : "Nordom collapse imminent." (intended to be used when Nordom was tired, but Nordom does not suffer fatigue penalties in the game.)
  • NOR235 : "This object's status has changed to unlocked"
  • NOR238 : "Nordom could not unlock this because of user error."

References Edit

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