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Numenera are the remnants of the great civilizations of the past, relics left behind for the denizens of the Ninth World to find.

Types of Numenera Edit

Numerera can be anything from bio-engineered creatures, small devices, entire cities, bits of nanotechnology... No one understands how they work, or the technology behind them, but many re-purpose them to fit their needs and build devices of their own.

With such a broad definition that encompasses almost anything that one sets eyes on, the Ninth Worlders have split them into different categories, depending on their usefuless:

  • Oddities are the least valuable, and rarely ever have a useful functionality.
  • Cyphers are volatile devices that have a real, tangible use. They can only be used once, however, and carrying too many may give one 'cypher sickness'.
  • Artifacts are the most valuable of numenera, they are very useful and can be used multiple times, unlike cyphers.
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