Old Mebbeth is a midwife, mage trainer, and magical items storekeeper living in Ragpicker's Square.

Quests Edit

The Nameless One can ask Mebbeth to teach him magic. This starts a long chain of quests that should be done for the experience, even if TNO won't remain a mage. When she asks why he wants to learn, TNO can answer in several ways (which increase Ravel's stats later in the game):

  • "Because I may need it to solve the mystery of who I am" (Ravel wisdom +1)
  • "Because I just want to know" (Ravel intelligence +1)
  • "Because I need power" (Ravel wisdom +1 and intelligence +1)

In exchange for teaching TNO magic, she wants him to do some errands for her first.

The seed Edit

Mebbeth hands TNO a seed as a sample of the herbs she needs at the market. Speaking to the herb merchant in the Marketplace Area (X=1270 Y=1150) grants 500 XP. He has never seen a seed like this before, and says that TNO should find a gardener. If TNO has met Mourns-for-Trees, he will immediately think of him.

Mourns-for-Trees can be found in the Smoldering Corpse Area (X=2210 Y=570). He hasn't seen the like either, but says that maybe TNO can make it grow if he *cared* about it to growing. TNO can then focus on the seed and *will* it to grow, which grants 500 XP.

The barbed branches grow out of the seed wrap around TNO's wrist, and can't be wrenched off.

Then, TNO can return to Mebbeth and ask her to remove the branch. She says that TNO should remove it himself, by thinking it off. Doing so grants 500 XP.

Mebbeth then wants TNO to think the branch into a more orderly structure, a picture frame for instance. The reward for this depends on TNO's intelligence or wisdom:

  • 12 or less WIS and INT: no XP at all.
  • 13 to 15 INT: 500 XP
  • 16+ INT: 750 XP
  • 13 to 15 WIS: 500 XP
  • 16+ WIS: 750 XP

Mebbeth's Wash Edit

Mebbeth then sends TNO to fetch some rags from the Marketplace Area (X=1400 Y=1020) that she had asked Giscorl to clean.

Giscorl hands over Mebbeth's Wash, rewarding 500 XP. They have been starched so much that the rags are as stiff as bricks, and just as heavy.

Fetching Ink Edit

Now, Mebbeth wants TNO to fetch some ink for her.

Kossah-Jai is in the Marketplace Area (X=1600 Y=1180). She doesn't sell ink, but fish. She does know of a fish that bleeds ink, and says that only Meir'am sells it.

Meir'am is also in the Marketplace (at X=1970 Y=1980), and she has the fish, but TNO needs a tankard to collect the ink with. A Battered Tankard can be bought cheaply from another merchant (X=1580 Y=1000). Meir'am will now fill the tankard with ink.

Giving Mebbeth the Ink-Filled Tankard grants 1000 XP.

Becoming a mage Edit

Finally, her tasks are over. She asks if TNO really wants to be a mage, and he can answer yes. With 14+ Intelligence or Wisdom, TNO has the opportunity to explain the purpose of all those errands. This grants another 2000 XP.

With 14+ Intelligence, TNO will immediately recognize the recipe she hands him as a reading test, with a lower Int stat, he can 'give up' and still recognize it. She is shocked that TNO can read the recipe so early on in his mage training.

From the picture frame, the rags, and the ink, she creates a page for TNO's spell book. She then explains the basics of the Art, spell memorization, etc. When she asks whether TNO has questions, he can say no, then ask her more questions.

She then asks how many times a mage has to memorize a spell if he wants to cast it twice. The answer is twice (since a mage needs to rest to regain the ability to cast the same spell again).

At the end of the questioning she will give TNO:

Alignment Edit

  • Chaotic: Lying, saying TNO's name is Adahn.
  • Evil: Saying the reason TNO wants to learn magic is because he needs power.
  • Good, Lawful: Offering to help her with chores.
  • Good: Thanking her for everything.

Store Characteristics Edit

See Store (PS:T) for more information on markups and steal failure.

This store allows the buying, selling and identifying of items. The Nameless One can also attempt to steal.

Items for Sale Edit

Item Type Stock
Bandages Charm Unlimited
Blood Charm Charm 3
Blood Fly Charm Charm 3
Bone Charm Charm 3
Charm of Infinite Recall Charm Unlimited
Clot Charm Charm 3
Cockroach Charm Charm 3
Corpse Fly Charm Charm 3
Cranium Rat Charm Charm 3
Dirty Rat Charm Charm 3
Divine Censer Charm Unlimited
Heart Charm Charm 3
Knot Charm Charm 3
Needle and Thread Charm Unlimited
Scroll of Blindness Scroll 1
Scroll of Blood Bridge Scroll 1
Scroll of Blur Scroll 1
Scroll of Chromatic Orb Scroll 1
Scroll of Friends Scroll 1
Scroll of Horror Scroll 1
Scroll of Identify Scroll 1
Scroll of Knock Scroll 1
Scroll of Luck Scroll 1
Scroll of Magic Missile Scroll 1
Scroll of Pacify Scroll 1
Scroll of Remove Curse (Mage) Scroll 1
Scroll of Swarm Curse Scroll 1
Thrice-Blind Charm Charm 3

Items willing to Buy Edit

Old Mebbeth isn't willing to buy any items from TNO and his party.

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