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The Order of Truth is a large organization in the Ninth World, dedicated to knowledge and the discovery and understanding of numenera. Although the order uses religious terminology, members revere no gods, only the pursuit of knowledge.

In Sagus Cliffs, the local chapter can be found in a dedicated building in Government Square.

Hierarchy Edit

Acolytes are the youngest of the Order, and remain at that rank until they make a major discovery related to numenera. They can then be elevated to the status of Aeon Priest. The Amber Pope presides over the Order.

Politics Edit

In the Steadfast, the Amber Pope and his Order have immense political power, and are widely respected by everyone, including kings.

Sagus Cliffs is located beyond the Beyond and is very far from the sphere of influence of the Amber Pope. The chapter here doesn't have much power or funding, and must court the local City Council in order for the branch to keep functioning. The City Council is mostly interested in the development of weaponry and defense systems, which creates friction with the Aeon Priests who wish they could study whatever piques their interest. The Order is also not as respected as they are in the Steadfast. This branch of the Order was brought to Sagus Cliffs by a castoff named Divitiacu.

Known members Edit

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