"This appears to be a small wooden box. Intricate designs etched in gold adorn the box. At one time this box would have been worthy enough to be displayed at any aristocrat's estate. However, years of neglect have taken their toll and it appears to be falling apart. If not for the large ruby mounted to the front of the box, it would be worthless.
"Feelings of dread seem to emanate from the box."

Uses Edit

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This box is a quest item. The Nameless One can either open the box immediately, which he has been warned against (releases a Lemure and grants Moridor's Ruby in its place) or exit the Hive (which will destroy the box, leaving Moridor's Ruby behind and releasing a powerful fiend that will show up later in the game). Or he can go through with the quest, which is much more rewarding experience-wise than fighting the Lemure, but no where close to granting the rewards that defeating the full-powered Fiend From Moridor's Box does.

Acquisition Edit

The box can be acquired from Mar, as part of his quest.

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