Outer Curst an area of the outskirts of the gate town of Curst in Planescape: Torment 's Outlands.

The Nameless One and his party arrive here from the portal in the Black-Barbed Maze.

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Curst outer map

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Fountain (X=2180 Y=550)

Junk pile (X=1820 Y=1980)

Bin (X=760 Y=830)

  • 213 Copper Commons

Crate (X=500 Y=1750)

Hidden pile (X=2790 Y=350)

Walkthrough Edit

Previous Area:
Ravel's Maze
Next Area:
Curst Underground

It is here in Curst, Ravel said, that Trias the Deva Angel keeps The Nameless One's Mortality. It is backwards day; the Deva is in prison, and The Nameless One (TNO) needs to find a way into prison. So one way is to do all the things one normally would not do to stay out of prison, including sneaking into prison, or confessing to crimes, especially ones one has not committed yet. But these will not get XP; doing favors for people and other quests are the path to that and the most dialogue content. In a town filled with treacherous people, that may mean doing their dirty work. The party gets 10,000 XP upon arrival here. Amidst the human denizens of Curst, wild Lim-Lims and Tricha birds wander the streets.

It is recommended that players DO NOT go take the option that seems plausibly clever, to go exploring down the tunnel entrance in the center of the #Curst Dump; once in the Curst Underground, the tunnel entrance caves in behind, and with that one false move, the player will miss out on all the fun to be had in Curst. Reload time. Same goes for going through the Tavern entrance; once down in the Curst Underground, there is no going back.

Curst Outer

Outer Curst seems almost to have slumped somewhat into the cracked mud of its streets

Quests Edit

Outer Curst Edit

This is the area that the party teleports to from Ravel's Maze

Container loot, from south to north:

"Don't you trust anyone here, ya got me?" - Annah
  • Roberta has decided the only good cheating husband is a dead, no longer cheating husband. Wanders from a point between the Blacksmith and the building to the west of it, northwest to the zone wall at 80, 1040, south of the exit to #Inner Curst. Kiri in #Inner Curst will do the dirty deed for her. Should the player decide to turn in Roberta, she will be in Curst Prison, her husband having taken up with Kiri. As with anyone else The Nameless One reports to the Guards, she will have spent her time thinking of rude things to say to TNO.
  • Dump Caretaker in the Dump south / bottom of map

Curst Dump Edit

Outdoor area; the Dump Caretaker Kyse is here, with a request to deal with the Thug leader Wernet in #Inner Curst that is part of the quest series in the Tavern, specifically, Nabat's task.

DO NOT go through the exit to the Curst Underground in the center of the dump, there is no way back, see above.

Traitor's Gate Tavern Edit

Main article: Traitor's Gate Tavern

Non-hostile Tricha bird

Blacksmith's Shop Edit

  • Crumblepunch

As thief class or with Annah, Special abilities > Disable traps. Then Special again, or Bash, to unlock containers. Otherwise Crumblepunch will go hostile

The weapons here will probably not mean much to those with proficiency in Blades, after Ravel's Fingernail, or in Fist, if they got a Spiked Gauntlets of Ogre Power from Coaxmetal in the Siege Tower.

The Fiend Femur here, usable only by non-Lawful, non-Good characters, is not much better than a slap in the face to club users, and Neutral, Chaotic and Evil characters. Why? One, one of the two best weapons in the game is coming up, usable only by Lawful Good characters. Two, the Femur is weak in damage, like all the club class, while the upcoming weapon can be changed to any weapon type. And finally, this legbone of a Fiend is weaker than another club weapon available in the same store that has no alignment restrictions. And as noted earlier in area articles earlier in the game, the Hammers do not get any stronger, while the Daggers and Punch Daggers do, and this borne out by the presence of a weaker hammer than the Hammer of Comminution available an hour or two earlier at the Curiosity Shop

Infinite supply:
Jagged Bolts, Bolts of Whistling Doom (Crossbow bolts), Knife
Five Battle Axe, Three of Zephyr Bolts and Hammer of Quality
Two: Phantom Dagger, Notched Dagger, Enchanted Hammer, Magic Punch Daggers, Siphon Knuckles
One: Assassin's Knuckles, Blind Terror club, Fiend Femur club, Foolsmiter hammer

Crumplepunch will give a significant discount on his weapons (and higher prices for items sold to him) if TNO gives the entire inheritance to him, or if TNO splits the inheritance between the brothers. He will only raise his prices if TNO gives the entire inheritance to Kester

Grain Silo Edit

Stairs upward
Upstairs: a Pentagram

The hulking brute looks to be dangerous, as does its AC -7, and 100 Resistance to Acid, Fire, and Cold, but with its 100 HP, it will probably not survive two rounds against a party with +2 or better weapons (or just keep running out of range, and bid it hello from Fall-from-Grace's little friend, Call Lightning, twice). It gives 12,000 XP when defeated, and drops the Heartgrinder as loot. The Fiend's Blood Dagger drops as well, but it is cursed, so sells for 1 copper, and a third piece of random loot is also poor. Note that the Spiked Gauntlets of Ogre Power, powerful as they are, are only +1.
Next Area:
Inner Curst

Note Edit

Lost Curst
Not exactly a bug, but more dangerous to the player's game, is the easily accessible one-way entrance to Curst Underground which has the potentially to deprive the player of the entire Curst experience. For Speed Run players, of course, it is a gift from heaven[2]

References Edit

  1. by Nicholas Yu, The Game Database

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