The Outlands is a place of true neutrality sitting in the center of the Outer Planes. It is very different from the other planes, that are perpetually pulled towards one extreme of alignment or the other.

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At the very center of the Outlands, an infinitely tall Spire shoots up into the sky, around the top of which the city of Sigil is said to revolve.

But if the center of the plane is true neutrality, it isn't so towards its edges. At the border between the Outlands and other planes, gate-towns exist, so named for the portal to the nearby plane they are built around (like Curst). These gate-towns take on many of the characteristics and morality of the plane they have a gate to, and when the balance shifts and they become enough like that plane, they slip into it.

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Outlands map

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The map of the Outlands is smaller than most, but the eye socket of the skeleton here is still easily big enough for a Tricha bird to stand up inside it. Fhjull Forked-Tongue has made a spacious dwelling underneath it

There have been some "Gotcha!"s in the past few areas: the one-way tunnel in Curst, Ghrist in the Curst Underground and the bug in Curst Prison, although the latter was not intended. Hopefully The Nameless One is either has high strength and enough Fists proficiency to do decent damage with no weapon, or has a club weapon of some kind handy, or is handy with spells, or is prepared to run, because ready or not, here come the Grilligs! They are immune to every physical damage type except Crushing. Luckily they only have 35 HP. And be ready to change back to the usual weapon, or put away that Club, because Gronks are nearly immune to Crushing damage, and have 80 HP. The Gronks are much more common than the Grilligs.

The great likelihood is that the player will find the Abishai and other demons in Baator to be a better Experience gaining opportunity than the Outlands. Both Gronks and Grilligs respawn; the spawn points are roughly in three corners (all corners but the southwest) and center of the map north of the spine of the great skeleton. Respawning may not be based on time at all; it can be forced by moving until the corpses of the previous spawn are off the screen, and then moving to a new corner. The southwest is, to a certain extent, a safe area; the Gronks in particular prefer to dart around the corner of the skull and then run back north in an attempt to lure or kite the party up the map to their brethren. This affords stealthing opportunities for Thieves and free casting for Mages. The skull and the pelvis of the skeleton are obstacles, but between them there is enough space to make a chokepoint for the central spawn of Gronks, so that only one or two of them can pass through at a time and can be killed more easily.

Outlands portal to Baator2

Once Fhjull discusses it, the portal to Baator is in the crook of the giant skeleton's arm, under its shoulderblade

#Fhjull-Forked Tongue's Home is under the skeleton of an Ur-Goris, and the entrance is south of the giant skull. Resting is allowed inside Fhjull's Home, and can be initiated immediately, without having to speak with him.

Fhjull Forked Tongue's Home Edit

Having Fall-from-Grace in the party triggers multiple verbal conflicts between Fhjull the Baatezu and Grace the Intar'ri.[1]

Again, the dialogue is complex; Fhjull will not speak of the nature of the skeleton he lives under until after he has told TNO about the Pillar of Skulls; after that, what seems to be one of those rewordings of a repeat question comes up, asking basically the same thing about the Pillar of Skulls. Do not ignore this, as it gives the opportunity, with 18 Int or 16 Wis to ask a further question: How do I get back? If TNO does not ask Fhjull this, he will have to ask the Pillar of Skulls, and information from them gets really expensive really fast. And there is another important question that TNO should ask, that is not available straight away, either. I need aid, can you help? Fhjull, being compelled by his curse to perform or at least allow good deeds, must give away his valuable items. Allowing guests to rest in his house is also compelled.

  • Alignment shift: Taking Fhjull's items shifts The Nameless One towards Evil. There are so many chances to do Good in the game, it is doubtful it will result in an alignment change, but there are a lot of items


The player can safely just mash the '1' button to get all of the items, as the items get cleared off the list as Fhjull's inventory vanishes into the party's inventory

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Baator and the Pillar of Skulls

Return to the Outlands Edit

Outlands portal to Baator

Nighttime in the Outlands

Back at Fhjull Forked-Tongue's House, regardless of whether the Pillar is told truthfully about Fhjull's location, he will answer two new questions,[2] and tell of the portal to Curst in Carceri

If he was betrayed, he will sputter and rage for a bit, and then say:
"...Promise Breaker! Betrayer! this is how it feels..."
...whereupon he will answer questions. At the end of conversation, a new cutscene with the same Red Abishai and Lemures (but not the Cornugon) occurs, and then they all attack Fhjull, and Fhjull attacks them. He also goes hostile, and will remain that way despite any reasonable measures (Zoning in and out, or high Charisma) and will even choose party members as targets in preference over the Abishai war party.
Telling the Pillar heads of Fhjull's location does not spawn additional enemies in Baator, as one guide suggests.[3][4][5]
  • The portal to Curst Gone (Curst in Carceri) appears underneath the right femur (top leg bone) of the Ul-Goris skeleton after Fhjull tells the party about it. Killing Fhjull anytime before he does this is another way to see the Game Over sequence which is quite beautiful, and quite elusive in this game where the hero never dies
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Curst in Carceri

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