Pharod's Court is the King of rags' makeshift underground castle, where he supervises his collector minions.

Inhabitants Edit

Exits Edit

Maps Edit

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Pharod's Court
Pharods court map
Secret Treasure Room
Pharods vault map

Items Edit

There are no items to be found in Pharod's Court initially, but after he dies, looting Pharod's corpse grants:

The following items can be found in his vault:

Shelf (X=880 Y=670)

Shelf (X=900 Y=600)

Shelf (X=1280 Y=400)

Shelf (X=1770 Y=300)

Shelf (X=660 Y=1340)

Shelf (X=650 Y=1230)

Table (X=2760 Y=1590)

Circular shelf (X=3585 Y=2200)

Circular shelf (X=3180 Y=2180)

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