"This rickety wooden staff has a crosspiece nailed across the top. The crosspiece is wrapped in rags, presumably to keep the damn thing from jamming too sharply into Pharod's armpit when he leans on it. The crutch, not surprisingly, smells terrible, and every inch of it is covered in dirt, sewage and various unidentifiable stains.
Something about this crutch makes you wonder - despite its fragile appearance, it has held up rather well; you even test it with your weight and it holds you up without so much as creaking. Considering Pharod's scavenging nature, the crutch may have had some value beyond its surface appearance for him. It might even be usable as a weapon."

Portal Key Edit

Pharod's Crutch will open a portal leading to Pharod's Vault. The portal is located down the hall to the northwest of where The Nameless One finds his body.

Stats Edit

Equippable by anyone with Clubs proficiency except for Mages, this mace's properties are:

  • Damage: 2-7 Crushing
  • Enchanted: +1
  • THAC0: +1
  • Speed: 4
  • Weight: 4

Acquisition Edit

Pharod's Crutch can be acquired by looting Pharod's body in his Court in the Buried Village.

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