Pharod is a notorious collector boss in Sigil. Disliked by the Dustmen, rumor has it he might be killing people himself, on account of the sheer number of corpses his collectors bring to the Mortuary. The corpses he delivers have often been stripped of their valuables before being handed over.

He and Sharegrave are bitter rivals, competing with their gangs for territory and fighting over corpses.

Biography Edit

According to Reekwind's account of Pharod's story, Pharod used to be a man of position in the city, a fact confirmed by Candrian, who muses that he used to be an officious stripling in the upper wards of Sigil, once.

But Pharod twisted the law in his favor, and cheated many people along the way. He was told that when he died, he would go to the worst place imaginable. Terrified of his fate, Pharod sought out witches in an effort to avoid it. They told him that his salvation lay in the trash, where the only way to cheat his fate could be found.

So, he shed his position, all his possessions and his goals, and adopted a new title: the King of Rags.

Quests and Conversations Edit

Find Pharod Edit

Finding Pharod is the initial quest given in the Mortuary by the message tattooed on the Nameless One's back.

Several characters point the way to Pharod, including "The Post", Pox and Sharegrave, but more importantly Angyar, who, on top of revealing that Pharod is underneath Ragpicker's Square, knows how to get through the portal to the otherwise blocked entrance to the Trash Warrens and reveals the key for it: a piece of Junk.

Two quests should be picked up before meeting Pharod:

  • Emoric's quest to figure out what Pharod is up to.
  • Sharegrave's quest to figure out what Pharod is up to.

The Bronze Sphere Edit

Pharod is limping around his gaudy palm-shaped throne in his court. He recognized the Nameless One and speaks of taking TNO to the Mortuary again. TNO can tell him he's come for information and ask about what the old man knows about him.

Pharod, will, of course retain the information until TNO completes a task for him. He wants TNO to find a Bronze Sphere for him in the Weeping Stone Catacombs. With 13+ Wisdom, TNO will remember the description of the sphere before Pharod says it himself.

Then, TNO has the opportunity to ask Pharod a few other questions. He doesn't know where the journal is and relating Reekwind's story about him only angers him.

Asking him where he is getting all the bodies is required to complete Emoric and Sharegrave's quests. Pharod asks TNO to keep this a secret. With 14+ charisma, TNO can say that finding bodies hardly compares to magic, thus avoiding the chaos increase by either lying or vowing and subsequently breaking the vow to turn in Emoric and Sharegrave's quests. (Charisma can be temporarily increased with a casting of the Friends spell.) This option also rewards 500 XP.


Giving the Bronze Sphere to Pharod rewards 15,000 XP.

Pharod's answers Edit

Before upholding his part of the bargain, and giving answers to TNO's burning questions, he wants to make sure he won't be killed. TNO can either vow or lie, affecting his alignment.

Pharod says that when he met TNO the first time, he only wanted a simple boon, that his body be well taken care of if it was found by one of his collectors. With 14+ intelligence, 13+ charisma or 14+ wisdom, TNO will see a gap in his story, something he is too afraid to tell him.

TNO can press Pharod on this point, he reveals that he was extremely intimidated by the previous Nameless One, because he had killed scores of his collectors. He says that another reason he agreed to this boon was because TNO gave him information about the Bronze Sphere.

When asked what he took from TNO's body, he says he took nothing, but his daughter Annah might have. She was the one who found TNO's body, after all. With 14+ intelligence, TNO can ask what Annah gave him from his body. Bluffing or Truth-ing here will increase chaos or evil, but if TNO hasn't promised not to tell anyone about where Pharod is getting his corpses last time, he can threaten him to tell the Dustmen without any alignment consequences.

He then introduces Annah, who reluctantly joins the party in order to show TNO where she found his corpse.


Getting Pharod to turn over TNO's items rewards 1000 XP, and, based on TNO's charisma (charisma can be temporarily increased with the Friends spell):

10 or less charisma:

11 to 14 charisma:

15+ charisma:

Alignment Edit

First conversation:

  • Lawful: Telling Pharod: "Truth: I have forgotten myself".
  • Lawful: Telling Pharod about the tattoos on TNO's back.
  • Lawful: Vowing not to tell anyone about where he's getting his bodies.
  • Chaotic: Lying that TNO will not tell anyone about where he is getting the bodies.
  • Chaotic: Vowing not to tell anyone about where he's getting his bodies, and subsequently telling Emoric and/or Sharegrave.

Second conversation:

  • Lawful: Vowing not to kill Pharod if TNO doesn't like his answers.
  • Evil, Chaotic: Lying that TNO won't kill Pharod if he doesn't like his answers.
  • Good, Lawful: Saying that TNO is sorry for Pharod's loss, and will try to make it up to him if he can.
  • Good: Saying TNO is sorry for Pharod's loss, "for what that's worth."
  • Evil: Truthfully threatening Pharod to hand over TNO's belongings
  • Chaotic: Bluffing, threatening Pharod to hand over TNO's belongings

Fate Edit

Shortly after the party's departure, bound for the Alley of Lingering Sighs where Annah found the Nameless One's body, Pharod is killed by angered shadows trailing TNO.

His ultimate fate is revealed towards the end of the game, where he appears briefly in the Pillar of Skulls, his sentence for many dubious and heinous crimes during his life.

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