Porphiron is a new arrival to Sigil, and stands out in the crowd of the Northwestern Area of the Hive, with his abundant tattoos which match his moods, even when his face is at rest. He is part of the Order of Erit-Agge, who await the Final Days to use their years of training in battle. Until then they are not allowed to fight.

Once his quest is completed, he can train The Nameless One in fighter skills (TNO can spend proficiency points here.)

Quest Edit

Prophiron was recently mugged by three men, and surrendered his Prayer Beads to avoid fighting as his order dictates. He needs help getting it back. Although he can't fight himself, he isn't opposed to TNO using force to get the beads back.

The three thugs in red and black can be found in the Smoldering Corpse Area, to the left of the bar (X=1160, Y=1340). TNO can handle this one of three ways:

  • Purchasing the prayer necklace for 10 coppers (if TNO has at least 10 charisma - can be boosted with the Friends spell), which rewards 500 XP.
  • Lying to them, saying the others of Porphiron's Order are looking for them rewards 250 XP.
  • Killing the thugs.

Returning the prayer bead necklace to Porphiron rewards 1000 XP. And Porphioron can train TNO in the fighter skills.

Alignment Edit

  • Good: Saying that TNO will see if he can get them to return it.
  • Chaotic: Lying to the Thugs to get the necklace back.
  • Chaotic: Lying to Porphiron about the methods TNO used to get the necklace back.
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