"Uh... chief? You've seen statues before, right? Know that they don't talk or anything?" —Morte

Qui-Sai is a 'genasi-of-earth' – the product of a human and an elemental creature of earth. As such, his flesh is nearly as cold and hard as granite. He spends his time in the Civic Festhall, meditating upon a philosophical combat method called the Way of Stone.


Qui-Sai is very still and quiet, appearing at first to be no more than a finely-crafted statue. The Nameless One must prove that he can wait patiently before Qui-Sai will really speak with him.

After asking what Qui-Sai is doing and learning about his meditation, the Nameless One can ask him to share what he has learned about the Way of Stone. Success in learning anything requires 16+ wisdom and grants permanent -1 AC.

If the Nameless One is attempting to join the Anarchist faction, Scofflaw Penn will task him with ending Qui-Sai's life. Doing so grants no XP and draws the ire of the Harmonium guards patrolling the Clerk's Ward.


Qui-Sai can be asked to provide fighter-oriented training. Before accepting, he asks the Nameless One to break a small bit of stone (9+ strength required), then asks why the Nameless One wants training. No matter the reason, Qui-Sai claims no training is needed since there are other means of attack and defense that do not require melee skills he could teach – i.e. thief and mage skills. The Nameless One can offer a few counter-arguments that those are not enough (13+ intelligence followed by two more choices both requiring 15+ intelligence). Qui-Sai will finally agree to train the Nameless One (convincing him grants 10,000 XP).

Without meeting stat requirements, the thief and mage tutors will need to be spoken to (Eli Havelock and Lady Thorncombe, respectively). Their refutations can be repeated to convince Qui-Sai to train the Nameless One.

Thereafter, Qui-sai can change TNO's class to fighter and provide proficiency training with a few weapon types: fists, blades, clubs, axes, and hammers. He will train TNO if his proficiency level is 1 or 2; he won't teach TNO if he has no expertise whatsoever. If the Nameless One is at the level of 3 or higher, Qui-sai will direct him to Korur for training, in the Lower Ward.


  • Evil: being unrepentant after trying to strike Qui-Sai to see if he's really a statue.
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