Quint the Corpse-Peddler is a general store in the Buried Village.

Quest Edit

Quint is very suspicious of the Nameless One, thinking that he might be trading with other people too. He can be convinced that TNO isn't, and he'll open up his store to him.

If TNO asks: "Tell me about yourself again.", Quint will offer him a job. Gris was a collector who didn't return from his latest trip. Unfortunately for Quint, Gris had a poison necklace that belonged to Quint. He wants TNO to find it.

Quint's Poison Charm is in the Buried Village, just immediately south of Marta's house (X=1050 Y=1680 - press L to view coordinates in game). Unlike most hidden treasure, the blue shape that shows up when the cursor passes over it is not recognizable as a container or other structural element; it is literally part of the mountain of garbage that the Buried Village is buried under.

The rewards are 7500 XP and 250 copper; the latter reward is bugged in the original edition.

Store Characteristics Edit

See Store (PS:T) for more information on markups and steal failure.

This store allows the buying and selling of items, but not identifying. The Nameless One cannot steal from Quint.

  • Sell Markup: 120%
  • Buy Markup: 80%
  • Steal failure: 25%

Items for Sale Edit

Item Type Stock
Angle-Less Eye Eye 1
Bandages Charm Unlimited
Battle Axe Axe 1
Battle Axe of Quality Axe 1
Blood Charm Charm Unlimited
Charcoal Charm Charm 1
Charm of Infinite Recall Charm 3
Clot Charm Charm Unlimited
Corpse Fly Charm Charm 1
Cranium Rat Charm Charm 1
Dirty Rat Charm Charm 1
Divine Censer Charm Unlimited
Green Steel Dagger Dagger 1
Green Steel Knife Dagger 1
High Quality Sledgehammer Hammer 1
Iron Knuckles Fist 1
Iron Spike Dagger Unlimited
Knife Dagger 1
Knot Charm Charm 1
Rags Misc Unlimited
Rusty Dagger Dagger 1
Shamanic Rod Wand 1
Steak Knife Dagger 1
Stiletto Dagger 1
Wooden Club Club 1

Buy list Edit

Quint is willing to buy the following items:

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