Radine is a woman in the Buried Village who won – or stole, depending on who's asked – a new name and number for herself from Ku'u Yin.

Quest Edit

Ku'u Yin asks The Nameless One to get his number back from Radine. She seems to have gained a new vitality with the number and refuses to give it up. She can be immediately threatened into giving up the number, but this makes TNO more evil. Ku'u Yin begs TNO to do whatever he can to get her to surrender the number. She then offers to buy it from Ku'u, who again, refuses.

Finally, Radine can be convinced to surrender the number. The way in which TNO convinces her affects his alignment, see below. TNO can then return to Ku'u for the last time, and get a reward.

Alignment Edit

  • Evil: Threatening Radine into giving the number back. (In either case.)
  • Lawful: Telling Radine she has no right to the number.
  • Good: Telling her she doesn't need a number to be successful.
  • Chaotic: Suggesting she make her own number.

Trivia Edit

  • In French slang, the word "radin" refers pejoratively to a cheapskate, a scrooge. "Radine" is used to refer to female cheapskates. This may or may not have been intentional. In either case, the name is well-fitting.
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