Ragpicker's Square is one of the most dilapidated areas of the Hive, which is saying something. The slums of the square are often a contested territory between collector bosses.

Inhabitants Edit

Map Edit

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Ratpickers square map

Experience and quests Edit

There are several opportunities to gain experience in Ragpicker's Square. See each individual character's page for more detailed information about quests and conversations.


  • 500 XP and 200 copper for giving Jarym a ruby.
  • 750 XP for finding Nodd's sister.

Old Mebbeth quests (to become a mage, should be done even if TNO won't remain a mage, for the experience):

  • 1000 XP total for getting herbs from the seed.
  • 500 XP for removing the branch on TNO's arm
  • 0 to 750 XP for shaping the branch into a frame
  • 1000 XP for getting rags from Giscorl
  • 1000 Xp for getting the Tankard of Ink for Mebbeth
  • 2000 XP for explaining the purpose of the above errands (requires 14+ Int or Wis)
  • 5000 XP for asking her all possible questions afterwards.

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