Raise Dead, is a 5th Level Priest Spell and one of The Nameless One's special abilities that resurrects a dead party member.

"The most precious gift is bestowed upon all who were lost to the living."

Effects Edit

This spell restores life back to any slain individual chosen. No saving throw is required.

Raise Dead only works on party members that are in the party. It the party has been reformed and the dead character kicked out, they cannot be raised.

Unlike Fall-from-Grace who can cast this anytime she likes at level 9, The Nameless One is restricted to casting this ability only 3 times a day.

Acquisition Edit

This spell will automatically be learnt when the priest reaches level 9.

The Nameless One can learn this ability very early in the game from Deionarra on the Mortuary 1st Floor (X=1040 Y=1070).

Items that cast Raise Dead Edit

Some items can be used to cast Raise Dead without the character knowing the spell or even being a priest. Those items are:

Service Offered Edit

Some shops offer the Raise Dead service, for a fee:

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