"This twisted fingernail of extruded night hag skin has got to be one of the ugliest things you have ever seen. Its mottled green, red, and black surface is almost a foot long, and it seems like it was used alternately as a scratching aid, nose-picking tool, and gardening trowel. Looking at it makes you wish that Ravel did chew her nails. Or at least had a nail file with her in the maze."

Stats Edit

Can be equipped by anyone with edged proficiency (except for priests); this dagger's properties are:

  • Damage: 2-7 Piercing
  • Enchanted: +2
  • Special: 2-12 Poison Damage
  • THAC0: +2
  • Speed: 1
  • Weight: 1

Acquisition Edit

Ravel's Fingernail can be taken from Ravel's body after she has been defeated in her maze. Or it can be stolen from her by a thief.

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