The Receiving Room Logbook is a huge logbook written mostly by Dhall and the other scribes, it lists the thousands of Mortuary bodies that pass through the Receiving Room and gives all Mortuary procedures. The text is important in that it tells you that Pharod brought your body to the Mortuary. It is found in the Mortuary's 2nd Floor in the Receiving Room.



Dhall, the top contributor of the Logbook.

The Receiving Room Logbook contains information about the thousands upon thousands of bodies that pass through the Mortuary every day. Dhall, or on the off occasion where there is another scribe, generally tries to write in the race, cause of death, amount donated for the body, collector's name and possessions. The introduction is a guide to the rules of doing work in the Mortuary. The book itself weighs 2 in an inventory.


  • All shells entering the Mortuary are to be delivered to the Receiving Room and logged with the scribe on duty before being embalmed or cremated.
  • The records are to be checked to determine if the shell is one of the Contracted and if so do not prepare the shell. Move the shell to one of the Preparation Rooms, contact the scribe on duty and notify him that a Contracted shell is to be Raised.
  • Be certain that the shell is thoroughly stripped of its possessions before being sent to the Preparation Rooms. The Contracted workers are intended for simple manual labour and don't have the capacity to search and strip a shell.
  • The faction is not responsible for any possessions lost or stolen by collectors who have brought the shells to the Mortuary.
  • The shells possessions are to be stored in the Receiving Room until an Initiate can be sent to claim them. Please catalogue all possessions in the log book.

Missing PageEdit

The Receiving Log Page was the last page that was hastily ripped out of the book and was found lodged between some books on Librarian Worker Zombie 1664. It lists the bodies between 16537 and 16542.

Text SummaryEdit

16537, 5th Night: Drunk—Chest Wound—Cause of Death: Mauling/Abishai?—Collector: Pox—3 Commons paid—No possessions.
16538: 5th Night: Desiccated Corpse—Cause of Death: Indeterminable—Age of Shell prevent identification--Collector: Pharod—3 Commons Paid—No possessions (Stripped? Knife marks evident from dissection.)
16539: 5th Night: Scarred Shell—Cause of Death: Indeterminable (scars do not appear to be cause of death—shock trauma?)—Collector: Pharod—3 Commons Paid—Possessions Logged: Fist Irons—(As He read this part, Morte 'tossed' over a set of Fist Irons he had found during the conversation with Dhall.) Thirteen Commons—Middle Table, Receiving Room.
16540: 5th Night: Desiccated Corpse #2 –Cause of Death: Indeterminable—Age of Shell prevents identification--Collector: Pharod—3 Commons Paid—Possessions Logged: Knife marks evident from dissection, but the dissection was not thorough enough—Copper earring found lodged in abdomen; earring has been locked in Southeast Preparation Room. Have an Initiate from the Third Circle examine it; it has strange markings, like those on Contracted Worker #79.
16541: 5th Night: Skeleton—Cause of Death: Indeterminable- Age of Shell prevents Identification--Collector: Pharod—3 Commons Paid—No possessions (Stripped? Knife marks evident from dissection.)
16542: 5th Night: Tiefling, Male – Cause of Death: Slash marks/discoloration of wounds are consistent with grave rot (ghoul claws?) – Collector: Pharod – 3 Commons Paid – No possessions (Stripped? Knife marks evident from dissection.)


Dhall writes between shells 16541 and 16542: "As with the previous entries, these shells Pharod has brought also show signs of having been prepared. I have asked that Initiate Emoric launch an investigation into the matter. Furthermore, Entry 16542 is one of Pharod's gang. I have seen the individual before – I would ask Emoric to pay heed to how the man died."

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