Remove Curse is a 4th Level Mage Spell and 3rd Level Priest Spell that removes a cursed item from the targeted person.

"Cursed items shall no longer afflict you when this spell is cast."

Effects Edit

When cast, this spell removes a curse upon the person targeted. It does not remove the curse from the actual item itself, but it allows the person to successfully unequip and rid themselves of the cursed item.

Acquisition Edit

This spell can be learnt by getting to Level 5 for Priests. For mages, it must be learnt from a Scroll of Remove Curse, which can be found:

Or, a Scroll of Remove Curse can be bought from:

Shop Location Stock Markup
Bones of the Night Lower Ward Unlimited 120%
Cinder's Magic Shoppe Lower Ward 1 120%
Conall the Anarchist Lower Ward Unlimited 100%
Dustmen Vault Gathering Dust Bar Unlimited 120%
Keldor Great Foundry 2 100%
Kester the Distiller Inner Curst 1 125%
Lady Thorncombe Civic Festhall Unlimited 140%
Old Mebbeth Ragpicker's Square 1 120%
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