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Ossiphagan forge of the night sky by chang yuan

"The Forge of the Night Sky", concept art for the Ruins of Ossiphagan by Chang Yuan.

The Ruins of Ossiphagan is an area in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Description Edit

Ossiphagan is a molten area, covered by flame, lava and obsidian. The ossified bones of an enormous creature lie at the feet of erupting volcanoes. Carved amongst the towering ribs and massive vertebrae are the homes of brave or foolish souls.[1]

Inhabitants Edit

Fire wights - Rebecca on

Fire Wights concept art by Rebecca On.

Outside of the bone village can be found creatures of flame, who feed off the lava.[1] Among them, Fire Wights.[2]

Notes Edit

The Ruins of Ossiphagan will be included into the game thanks to the $2m Stretch Goal.[1]

References Edit

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