Sebastion is a mage of sorts in the Lower Ward. Though he knows the Art, he hesitates to call himself a mage because he uses magic in unconventional ways – he fulfills tasks for clients while maintaining complete confidentiality.

Conversation Edit

Sebastion can be asked about the Lower Ward and how it came to be called that. He explains that an unhappy rebel once opened all of the portals that connected the Lower Ward to the Lower Planes, which brought clouds of polluted air into the area and precipitated a civil war. If Sebastion is asked how someone would be able to do that, he mentions the Shadow-Sorcelled Key. This jogs the Nameless One's memory, helping him recall a memory of being chased and killed by the Lady of Pain (500 XP).

Sebastion can also be asked where a talking skull might be taken if one were kidnapped. He guesses that Lothar, the Master of Bones, may well have taken Morte to his ramshackle house somewhere in the ward. However, he is fearful of Lothar and refuses to speak more about him.

Quests Edit

Grosuk's contractEdit

Sebastion entered a contract with an abishai named Grosuk, and is unable to deliver. Grosuk threatened the mage with death should the contract remain unfulfilled. Sebastion asks TNO to kill Grosuk before the abishai kills him.

Grosuk can also be found in the Lower Ward, near the Siege Tower (X=3500, Y=1400). Like all other abishai, he can only be harmed with enchanted weapons or magic. Grosuk grants 8,000 XP when killed.


Alternatively, the Nameless One can tell Grosuk about Sebastion's plan. The abishai kills Sebastion, making it impossible for him to grant the +2 charisma reward.

This course of action rewards:


Sebastion is unaware that Dimtree is capable of having his own feelings, and is surprised to learn of his unhappiness. However, he is unwilling to remove Dimtree's curse since he created Dimtree under contract and does not wish to mar his reputation.

If the Nameless One asks to simply end Dimtree's suffering himself, Sebastion will share how to do so. He claims there is a special phrase that must be recited. After, Dimtree's head must be touched. He sets down the book that contains the phrase and turns his back, giving the Nameless One an opportunity to read the book and learn the phrase (4,000 XP). Dimtree can then be killed.


  • Lawful: choosing "Truth: 'I understand your dilemma...'" when speaking about Dimtree.
  • Chaotic: choosing "Truth: 'I really don't give a rat's arse...'" when speaking about Dimtree.
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