A secret is something hidden to the player that is only accessible after certain conditions have been met, or if the player knows where to look.

This is a difficult concept to categorize with agreement from all players; taken to the extreme, almost any item container or NPC with branching dialogue trees is a singular puzzle and discovery. So please be selective when adding to this page – not everyone wants to wade through a long list. A high priority should be given to areas that can only be accessed once (such as the Outer Planes) and areas explored at the beginning of the game, when players are new to Sigil.


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  • Adahn is a person manifested solely by the power of belief; the Nameless One must mention the name "Adahn" multiple times for Adahn to appear in-game (this increases Chaotic alignment and interferes with two other rewards).
  • Recruiting Ignus is as a companion is somewhat complicated: the Decanter of Endless Water must be retrieved, and its command word must be learned.
  • Xachariah was the companion of a previous incarnation of The Nameless One.
  • Nordom is a secret companion only found in the Modron Maze.
  • Vhailor is another companion, found behind the portal leading out of Curst Prison.
  • A Lim-Lim can be turned to stone by Marissa in the Brothel for Slaking Intellectual Lusts, but only with a certain dialogue path (bug); the stoned creature can be traded to Giltspur for the password to the Anarchists faction shop.


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