Sere the Skeptic is an older Dustwoman in the Gathering Dust Bar. She has had a crisis of faith and no longer believes in the True Death, or that life is only an antechamber, not to be experienced or enjoyed.

Conversation Edit

Sere is immediately stricken by how The Nameless One looks as though he has crawled out of a crypt. TNO can joke with her if he has at least 11 Charisma. Otherwise, she speaks of Hamrys, the coffin-maker in the Lower Ward, and his father.

If The Nameless One tells her he is "fresh from the grave", he will get her to open up about her doubts concerning the Dustmen philosophy, and her dislike of the way the other dustmen celebrated her imminent death when she was struck by a fever. She will then ask for advice, to which TNO can answer:

  • that she probably never truly believed the philosophy in the first place,
  • that she should treat this as a test of her beliefs, that all her years as a dustman couldn't have been false and that those doubts are temporary,
  • that time will heal her doubts, and that the dustman philosophy is still correct.

Whatever advice TNO gives will reward 500 XP.

When attempting to join the Dustmen faction, Emoric asks that TNO find out what is wrong with Sere. Reporting TNO's advice to Emoric will reward another 500 XP.

Later, if TNO has joined the Anarchists, he can recruit her to that faction's cause for 1000 XP, quite easily if he has talked to her before.

Alignment Edit

  • Chaotic: Answering "a bunch of fun-loving dustmen" to her question about what he sees.
  • Lawful: Telling her the truth, that she looks old.
  • Good: Letting her "down gently" when she asks how old she looks.
  • Good, Chaotic: Lying out of kindness when she asks how old she looks.

Trivia Edit

  • Dhall was Sere's instructor in the Philosophical Arts during her training at the Mortuary.
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