Sharegrave is a tall, lanky and paranoid man in Ragpicker's Square. He is also the boss of many of the collectors in the Hive. Collectors formed gangs, and Sharegrave's is a rival to Pharod. They often fought for control of Ragpicker's Square, but he rarely sees any of Pharod's collectors around anymore...

Quest Edit

Sharegrave is tricky to converse with. Talking about anything else than Pharod will prompt him to attack. Saying that TNO and Pharod are friends will also make him attack.

He does, however, know where Pharod is, and after telling him that Pharod stole from TNO, he shares that he wants to figure out where Pharod is getting all his corpses, presumably to get in on the action. TNO can offer to help, and Sharegrave will tell where Pharod is holed up.

Note: If TNO has vowed to Pharod not to say anything about where he is finding the bodies, and TNO still completes this quest by telling Sharegrave, his chaotic value will be increased for breaking the vow.

  • 750 XP
  • 100 copper (+100 more copper if TNO previously asked for money)

Alignment Edit

  • Good: Offering to help Sharegrave for free.
  • Evil: Asking for money to help him.
  • Chaotic: Telling him the truth about Pharod after Vowing not to.
  • Lawful: Telling him truth about Pharod without having previously vowed to Pharod he wouldn't.
  • Chaotic: Lying about Pharod.
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