Siege Tower is a weapons shop in Sigil's Lower Ward.

Accessing the Tower Edit

The Siege Tower can only be accessed via a portal, located on the drawbridge across the way, immediately to the east of the tower (x=3725, y=1500). As with all portals, you will need a key to unlock it.

Talk to Lazlo in the Marketplace in the Lower Ward. He can be found wandering near the forge in the corner. Ask him to tell you about the ward and he will eventually inform TNO that he witnessed two abishai discussing a portal near the Siege Tower. He remarks that no matter how hard someone tries, they can't seem to find a way inside. TNO suggests that perhaps one must suppress the will to enter in order to gain access.

After this discussion, approaching the tower drawbridge area will trigger a dialogue, allowing you to enter the shop.

Store Characteristics Edit

See Store (PS:T) for more information on markups and steal failure.

This store allows the buying and identifying of items, but not the selling. The Nameless One cannot steal from Coaxmetal. Note that crossbow bolts can only be purchased while Nordom is a party member.

Items for Sale Edit

Item Type Stock
Green Steel Dagger Dagger 3
Green Steel Knife Dagger 4
Hammer of Quality Hammer 3
Battle Axe of Quality Axe 3
Hollow Axe Axe 3
Enchanted Hammer Hammer 2
Enchanted Battle Axe Axe 2
Spiked Gauntlets of Ogre Power Fists 1
Punch Daggers of Shar Fists 1
Widowmaker Dagger 1
Runeblade Dagger 1
Kaarlac's Knife Dagger 1
Backbiter Dagger 1
Brimstone Hammer Hammer 1
Blindsider Axe 1
Butcherer of Innocents Axe 1
Bolts of Acheron (10 pack) Bolts Unlimited
Acidic Sponge Bolts (10 pack) Bolts Unlimited
"Rule of Three" Bolts (10 pack) Bolts Unlimited
Zephyr Bolts (10 pack) Bolts Unlimited
Bolts of Wincing (10 pack) Bolts Unlimited
Winged Bolts (10 pack) Bolts Unlimited
Jagged Bolts (10 pack) Bolts Unlimited
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