The Smoldering Corpse Bar, so called for the burning man in its entrance, is a place where tongues get wet and stories are shared. It can be found in the southeastern portion of the Hive.

The bar is a rustic place, with scarred metal tables that capture the heat shot up from the furnaces below by the vents in the floor.

Characters Edit

Barkis (X=570 Y=830) is the owner and bartender of the Smoldering Corpse Bar, and has encountered the Nameless One several times in the past. In fact, he still has a body part of his.

The bar is also home to a perpetually burning man, Ignus (X=1250 Y=1100), who once attempted to set fire to the Hive. His old lover, Drusilla (X=940 Y=1300) can be found nearby.

Dak'kon (X=970 Y=980) is an old githzerai that has lost his way. He can be convinced to join the Nameless One in his journey.

There are several other characters of interest in the bar:

Map Edit

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Smoldering corpse bar map

Experience Edit

There are several opportunities to gain experience in the bar. (See each individual character page for details about quests and conversations)

  • 500 XP for telling Dak'kon a truth about the city (requires 13 int or 13 wis)
  • 1000 XP for getting Dak'kon to join the party
  • 750 to 1000 XP and 1 proficiency point for getting TNO's old eye back from Barkis
  • 250 XP for teaching Alais a little about the planes
  • PERMANENT Wisdom +1 from O


Trivia Edit

  • Two Mercykiller Patrons by the names of Tarner and Ilsidon are on assignment, training their new recruit, Caleb. They are trying to catch a particularly brutal killer who terrorized Sigil a long time ago, who just happens to look like a less scarred version of The Nameless One...

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