Splinter is the doorman of the Civic Festhall. Though he seems a bit cold, he will answer whatever questions the Nameless One has about the Society of Sensation or the Festhall. He must be spoken to in order to join the faction.

Splinter will sell and identify items if the Nameless One is a sensate. See Sensate Vault for more information.

Sensorium accessEdit

While the public sensoriums can be accessed by anyone, the private sensoriums are only open to those who are a member of the Society of Sensation. There are a few ways the Nameless One can gain access to them, which is necessary at some point in the game:

Sensory stones grant XP the first time they are used, so be sure to explore.


  • Splinter can be persuaded to allow Iannis to access his daughter's sensory stone in the private sensorium (8,000 XP upon returning to Iannis in his house).
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