Standish is a slave and servant to Vrischika, the proprietress of the Curiosity Shop. He is a downtrodden and small man who scurries about the shop, he smells faintly of onions and he is a very nervous man, having been mistreated in general by his mistress.


"Careful with that, Standish, or I'll beat you senseless!" - Vrischika
Standish was not always a slave, he once committed a crime and to pay his debt to society was sentenced to slavery and was auctioned in the Lower Ward. Vrischika the Importer bought him under contract and took him to her Curiosity Shop in which he is forced to work mercilessly every day. Vrischika is generally unappreciative of his work and calls him a lazy dullard very frequently. He helps in all things to do with the store and calls Vrischika "mistress" at all times, he is unable to disobey her orders.

Combat stats Edit

Standish does slashing damage and drops a random mid range treasure if killed.

Level HP Attacks AC THAC0 Str Dex Con Int Wis Chr
4 30 1 7 15 9 9 9 9 9 9
XP Value Saves vs. Death Wands Poly Breath Spell
75 13 15 14 16 16
Resistances vs. damage type
Fire Cold Electricity Acid Magic Mag. Fire Mag. Cold Slash Crush Pierce Missile
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


  • "I'm sorry sir, but I can't. Please, leave me be, before my mistress notices me talking to you..."
  • "Yes, mistress Vrischika."