"The Gurgling Stone Gullet of L'Phahl the Gross is not as well known as most artifacts tend to be; no wars have been waged over it, no betrayals, no epic journeys into the underworld... only a few moralizing sorcerers, a fat man, and his stomach."

The Stone Gullet of L'Phahl the Gross is a miscellaneous item in Planescape: Torment.


The item can be used once before being consumed. It grants two permanent effects:

  • +1 to save vs. poison
  • +15% acid resistance


The gullet can be obtained from a will left behind by a former incarnation of the Nameless One. See Iannis for more information.


The item's description from the game tells its strange history. According to the legend, L'Phahl the Gross was an extremely gluttonous magical apprentice. During a dinner with his peers, his wine had been filled with an elixir meant to turn flesh to stone – all done to teach him a "lesson."

However, the large amount of food and drink consumed during the meal diluted the elixir, causing it to simply turn his stomach to stone. The rest of him remained unchanged, and he lived out the rest of his days happily eating. The stomach itself was retrieved after his death.

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