"Spuhhhkkk tuuuh uhhh yuhhhh kuhnn. Buhuuhhh mhuuusssst duhh uhhht puhhhpuhhleee." (Speak to us you can. But you must do it properly.)

Stale Mary

Stories-Bones-Tell is a special ability that allows The Nameless One to speak to the dead. It can be learned from Stale Mary in Dead Nations.

If you have an intelligence greater than 15 you can understand what she says and ask "How is it that you speak to these other zombies? I cannot understand them as I can you..."

If your intelligence less than 16 you need a charisma greater than 15 to ask "My apologies, but I can't understand you. Would there be a better way for us to communicate?"

Otherwise you have to to ask to Hargrimm about Stale Mary first until you get to select the question "How do you understand her?". After this you can go to Stale Mary, choose the line "Hagrimm said that I needed to *learn* to listen to you", and in the following conversation option, let her touch you. After this, all options lead to learning this ability.

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