Strahan Runeshadow is a mage and necromancer that has begun to raise the dead in the Mausoleum.

Strahan indicates that he knows about the Nameless One and wants his blood for some necromantic ritual which requires the blood of an immortal. He is determined to get it and a fight is inevitable.

Combat stats Edit

Strahan is a Level 7 Mage who knows the following spells: Adder's Kiss, Horror, Ice Knife, Shroud of Shadows, Vampiric Touch

Strahan has 6 skeletons with him. When he is killed, his skeletons die with him. It might be wise to kill the skeletons first, for the extra experience. If killed, Strahan's last words will be "You haven't seen the last of me!", concluded with an evil laugh. His death rewards 975 XP.

Drops Edit

When killed, Strahan drops:

Quests Edit

  • Norochj's quest is completed by killing Strahan (rewards 1000 XP)
  • The Mausoleum's Guardian Spirit's quest is completed by killing Strahan (rewards 2000 XP)

Notes Edit

  • The credits attribute Rodger Bumpass as the voice of Strahan, despite him having only one voiced line; his last words.
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