Stygian Ice Storm is a 7th Level Mage Spell that summons harsh, cold and bitter ice to crush all enemies within range.

""Few know the true terror of Baator, let alone the gruesome Fifth Layer. This devastating spell summons the harshest cold and bitter ice of the Fifth Layer of Baator, Stygia, to annihilate all enemies within range. As the River Styx flows through the Stygian Ice, so it does in this spell as well. Perhaps if the victims are strong enough to survive this devastation they may live to tell others about the true terror... but the River Styx has a tendency to make people forget."

Effects Edit

Ice from Stygia is summoned to crush all creatures within sight for 8-64 pts. of ice damage, with no saving throw. Finally, all creatures must save vs. spell or suffer confusion for 5–30 seconds due to the immediate contact with the frozen, forgetful waters of the River Styx.

Acquisition Edit

The spell can be learnt from a Scroll of Stygian Ice Storm, which can be acquired from:

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