Sybil is a woman sneaking around the Tenement of Thugs. She is the only sane person in the building.

Conversation Edit

Sybil warns that behind the door in the room she's in is a large number of lunatic Barking Dog Thugs. She says she came looking for food, and she's stuck there because of the gathering in the next room.

If one of these options are chosen, she will then return the question, insinuating that TNO has no good reason for being here either.

  • With 13+ charisma, he can say he doesn't belong here either.

Sybil knows of an alternate route out of the Tenement, but it is locked. She thinks the key is one one of the thugs upstairs. She is right, it is on a mage on the third floor. It can be used to open the door (X=1320 Y=2380) that allows the party to sneak by the thugs and to the exit.


After leaving the area, she rewards 1000 XP and an Adder's Tear.

Alignment Edit

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