The Tattoo of the Anarchists is one of Fell's masterfully crafted tattoos. It is equippable only by members of the Anarchist faction.

Description Edit

"This tattoo is created from the four symbols of the Revolutionary League. Wearing this openly is not a good idea.
The Revolutionary League believes that all power structures should be overthrown, and they have devoted themselves to seeing that this occurs. They are the natural enemies of nearly all the other factions, and so they must move quickly when identified. The problem with this tattoo, of course, is that it immediately identifies its wearer as an Anarchist. Authority figures have a problem with this."

Effects Edit

Invoked effect (can be used 5 times before tattoo disappears):

  • Creates confusion in non-Anarchists, lasting up to 30 seconds.

Acquisition Edit

Joining the Anarchist faction unlocks this tattoo, which can then be bought from Fell at his Tattoo Parlor for 900 Coppers.

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