The Tattoo of the Redeemer is one of Fell's masterfully crafted tattoos. It is equippable by any party member.

Description Edit

"This tattoo tells the story of the redemption of Trias the Betrayer, and how you steered him from the path of evil into forgiveness. It reflects your wisdom and your persuasive skills, and carries the blessing of Trias with it."

Effects Edit

Equipped effect (permanent bonus while the tattoo is equipped):

Acquisition Edit

Redeem Trias in Carceri by saying "The Upper Planes are the home of justice, beauty, and goodness. They are also home to forgiveness. Go home. Admit your error and beg forgiveness". If Vhailor kills him the tattoo will be unavailable.

After this, the tattoo can be purchased from Fell at his Tattoo Parlor for 9000 Coppers.

Notes Edit

This tattoo and the Tattoo of the Betrayer are mutually exclusive. If one is available at Fell's shop, the other won't be.

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