The Tattoo of the Tale-Weaver is one of Fell's masterfully crafted tattoos. It is equippable by any party members.

Description Edit

"Ever since you've heard Yves' tales, you can use this tattoo to draw upon some of her knowledge and her experiences. Not only does this tattoo help you identify the stories behind unidentified objects you encounter, but it also seems to make you more interesting to others, as if they somehow KNOW you have interesting stories to tell."

Effects Edit

Equipped effect (permanent bonus while the tattoo is equipped):

Acquisition Edit

Listening to all of Yves' tales at the Brothel for Slaking Intellectual Lusts (also includes stories she tells after all the party members tell her a story) unlocks this tattoo, which can be purchased from Fell at his Tattoo Parlor for 600 Coppers.

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