The Tenement of Thugs is a building accessed through a painted door in the Smoldering Corpse Area.

Annah knows that it is a real door until someone looks at it, then it looks painted on a solid wall. This is one of the Xaositects' lairs, and the inhabitants are or act half mad.

The only exit, leading to the Alley of Lingering Sighs, requires a key that can be found on the mage located on the third floor. The key can be taken via a fight or using TNO or Annah's Pick Pockets skill.

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Tenement of thugs map

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Fixpack changes Edit

Qwinn's Fixpack introduces a major overhaul of this area.

From Qwinn:

"[The Tenement of Thugs] is COMPLETELY revamped by my Fixpack. Originally, it was a completely trivial and easily bypassed area. It is now what it was meant to be: a thieves' playground! Here is a list of the changes.

  1. In the unfixed game, in the southwestern room (not counting the bathroom), there is a "secret" door (which isn't secret at all due to a broken mechanic, it appears easily to anyone in range) near the (x 400 y 2500) exit that allows you to bypass this entire area easily. This door will now ONLY be useful if you are a Chaosman and you have convinced Tiresias to tell you where it is.
  2. In the unfixed game, all thugs in the area are initially hostile (red circle) and thus cannot be pickpocketed. They will now only go hostile if they actually -see- you. This means that you or Annah can get the key from the mage on the top floor via stealth and pickpocketing, so there is still a way to get through the area without much combat. The hostility fix also fixes the annoying problem that you couldn't save your game anywhere in this area until most thugs were dead.
  3. As part of a larger fix, the thugs in the big room can now actually run after you. Previously, they were so slow that you could also evade the entire area by opening the big main doors and then just running someone to the exit while they waddled after you. You won't find that nearly as easy anymore.

The net effect of these changes is that getting through this area now requires a modicum of thought and effort, and in my opinion it's a lot more fun now."[1]

References Edit

  1. A note added by Qwinn to Dan Simpson's Planescape: Torment walkthrough

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