The Justifier is a talking mace obtained from Nadilin in the Great Foundry.

"This mace looks much like any other mace - a spiked ball atop a wooden shaft, leather handgrip with a thong to prevent losing it in the heat of battle. Where it differs is in the Eye etched in acid on the head of the weapon, a stylized sigil of the god Horus.
This weapon is The Justifier, a mace created in the city of Heliopolis on the plane of Arcadia, designed to aid the followers of good and maim the followers of evil. It can heal its owner, if asked, and will offer its opinions on various matters."

Stats Edit

Equippable only by Fighters with Clubs proficiency, this mace's properties are:

  • Damage: 3-12 Crushing
  • Enchanted: +2
  • Special: Increases Regeneration
  • THAC0: +2
  • Speed: 2
  • Weight: 2


To obtain the Justifier, The Nameless One must pickpocket Nadilin in the Great Foundry until he receives the receipt for it. Talking to him and giving him the receipt (he won't recognize it) will make him send for the mace and hand it over.


When spoken to, The Justifier calls The Nameless One its master and explains its name: it's good at finding excuses for almost any action.
If The Nameless One asks the mace about itself, it remarks that TNO looks familiar, but cannot recall where it has seen him. If The Nameless One asks how he seems familiar, the mace will ask for time to think about it. If The Nameless One asks the mace about itself in another conversation, The Justifier will say it has something to do with the tanar'ri. When he asks The Justifier about itself in a third conversation, it will remember that The Nameless One was one of its previous owners, but it took it a while to recognize his face with all the scars now adorning it.
The Justifier used to council The Nameless One when he awoke after his deaths, until they went to the Abyss in search of something, though it doesn't remember what. They thought they were tough enough to take on anything there until they ran into a murder of vrocks - the vulture demons of the tanar'ri. They killed many of the vrocks, but one managed to tear The Nameless One's heart out of his chest with a barbed spear, killing him. The vrocks then took the mace and twisted its purpose, putting it to use in a variety of inventive tortures it desperately tries not to remember.
Though The Justifier eventually escaped the Abyss, it maintains a deep hatred of the tanar'ri and the Lower Planes for how they twisted it there. The Justifier will take on a crazed attitude of hatred and bloodlust when visiting Baator or Carceri. Upon leaving, it will revert to normal and apologize for its attitude in the Lower Planes.

Bug: The Justifier's dialogue is broken in the original game. Qwinn's Fixpack corrects it and restores many conversation options.[1]

References Edit

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