• The fiendish eye of Kalem'Darr has two spellings in-game. On its description page, the title/header section spells it as "The Fiendish Eye of Kalem'Dar" - only one R. The description itself spells it "Kalem'Darr" multiple times - two Rs. I have written out everything to create the page and was going to create it as "Kalem'Darr," but I don't want to create the page only for you to have to fix it later. Do you have any opinion on this?

    Also concerning the eye - the description for it is incredibly long. Long enough that it's a little ridiculous-looking. Is that a problem, or no?

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    • I think your instinct is right, I'd go with the two R version (it seems like the one R version is a typo in the game).

      I've encountered some items like that that have ridiculous descriptions, and what I did in those cases is picked a paragraph that made sense on its own, and just put that. (I don't like copying too much verbatim from the game, even if it's a quote, because of copyright. Fair Use only applies if the quotes are small enough, and used to illustrate or explain something) If it's a story it might be a good idea to summarize and reword that in a separate section, but it might not be necessary.

      By the way, do you use NearInfinity to view the game files and descriptions? I'm not saying you need to or should, just curious if you're copying descriptions by hand. If you are, I don't mind if you want to lighten your load and leave the descriptions to me, since I can copy-paste them directly from the game, instead of typing them out...

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    • I've been copying things by hand, like a time-wasting moron. (Whoops!) Mostly I've only copied things that I already had in my inventory after loading up a save to check something in the game, but I will save my time if that's something you'd like to handle instead.

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    • No worries, I did that too before discovering the joys of diving into the game files. :) So you can leave the descriptions to me if you want, I'll add them when I review the changes on the wiki.

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