• Hey, some pages have recently been added for T:ToN. I was wondering if a consensus was ever reached about adding stuff on Numenera? I recall there being a forum post about it, but don't know if anything was established regarding where that info should be. If it shouldn't be added maybe the user adding new pages could be told about it so they can save their time (or help out where the information is better off)? I don't want to seem like a jerk about it and don't want to tell them to stop if it's fine here. Just figured I'd ask your opinion.

    As an aside (unrelated to T:ToN), every time I try to post a comment now wikia eats it. I click "post" and it just... vanishes. Gone. It's incredibly frustrating. Is it possibly some kind of anti-spam filter or something?

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    • Nevermind about the posting - seems to be an issue with Flash not cooperating with my browser.

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    • Hey there. Nope, no consensus for the TToN info, so it looks like we're covering both games. The other "official" TToN wiki looks like it's at a standstill anyway, with no one editing it. The more we add here, the more this wiki becomes an authority on the subject, so there's no downside, no good info will be deleted from here.

      Have you fixed the Flash problem? That seems annoying.

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    • Nah. I'll just use a different browser for comments. Since T:ToN info is okay here, I made a list of some categories that might eventually be needed (there are PS:T counterparts for all of these):

      • Accessories
      • Weapons
      • Shops (or equivalent - the shops category isn't listed as Shops (PS:T), so if a T:ToN category is ever created that will have to be changed)
      • Quest Items and Miscellaneous Items
      • Races and Creatures (there are separate categories for these for PS:T, though there is very minor overlap; I have no idea what kind of creatures exist in the Numenera world, so it's possible neither of these would be right)
      • Enemies
      • Quests (not entirely sure about this one - mostly it just lists characters that are involved in quests)

      At some point, something might be needed for bugs/secrets/exploits relevant to T:ToN. New pages, or perhaps the existing pages can be edited with deliberate formatting to distinguish between the games.

      None of this is really needed right now - most won't be needed until way down the line, and some might not be needed at all. It's nice to have some general outline for these things, though.

      One last thing - do you think an "appearances" row should be added to the item infobox template? It might not be needed, but I thought of it so I might as well ask.

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    • Yeah, it's nice to have a list. :) I'll add it to the To Do page and we'll get to it when we get some pages going. T:ToN looks like it has actual quest titles, unlike PS:T, so the quest category will be even more relevant for that game.

      The items in T:ToN seem like they'll be quite differrnt, so a seperate item template for that game might be called for.

      I'll change the shop category, thanks for pointing that out.

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